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Therapy Groups in San Antonio

Denise Sauceda, Counselor  in San Antonio
Skype Counseling one on one. Wednesdays and Thursd
Host: Denise Sauceda, LPC-S, MA, MHA
"One hour counseling one on one with Skype. Skype name is denisesauceda 210-785-8139 "
(210) 960-9591
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Abundant Life Christian Counseling, Christian Therapist  in San Antonio
P.E.A.C.E. for L.I.F.E.
Host: Abundant Life Christian Counseling
"The PRACTICAL ELIMINATION of ANGER and CONFLICT made EASY group offers healing from anger/rage, plus from all kinds of internal and relational conflicts. Come and be connected with the victorious peace and power of the Holy Spirit's love, joy, peace, ..."
(210) 417-4734
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78254
Joanna Trevino, Counselor  in San Antonio
Mindful Meditation Group
Host: Joanna Trevino, MA, LPC
"Learn basic meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and visualization skills. Learn how to work with your own breath to relax and re-energize yourself. Decrease anxiety/depression. Become more self aware. Experience peace. Reach your potential. $20 per group session. Call (210) 219-4302 or ..."
(210) 591-7457
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Danielle Baksic  in San Antonio
Chronic Pain Group Therapy (Day Time Hours)
Host: Danielle Baksic, MS, LPC-, Intern
"Pain is a debilitating force that can wreak havoc on your life. Often it feels that pain dictates your everyday life, holding you hostage. Feelings of helplessness leave you wondering what you can do about it. Are you ready to ..."
(210) 693-1727
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Rocketa Grace Naron, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in San Antonio
Generating Possibility, Together!
Host: Rocketa Grace Naron, MA, LMFT-A
"Provides an opportunity for those living with chronic pain and/or autoimmune disorder(s) to come together, collaborate, and share their stories, concerns, understanding, and support. "
(210) 526-0660
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78215
Albert Combs, Counselor  in San Antonio
Living with and Loving a recovering addict
Host: Albert Combs, MA, NCC, LPC
"Gain support in this 6-week psychotherapy group. Learn about addiction and the warning signs. Learn self-care while supporting your loved one in their recovery. Start date TBD, please contact for more details "
(210) 853-0180
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78213
Adopted Elementary Girls Social Skills
Host: Dorothy W Le Pere, LCSW, LMFT, CGP
"This group assists adopted girls in dealing with adoption and peer issues. Usually 2-5th grades; 4 sessions repeated twice per year. "
(210) 757-4160 x1002
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Kuadra Consulting and Counseling, Counselor  in San Antonio
Mind Fitness Group
Host: Kuadra Consulting and Counseling
"Just as your body requires daily nourishment and excercise, so does your mind. Constant thoughts and worries can cause our minds to decay and draw us away from our center and creativity. The mind fitness group meets to increase mind ..."
(210) 625-7633
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78228
James B Keedy, Counselor  in San Antonio
Sex Addiction Group
Host: James B Keedy, LPC, LMFT, CSAT, EMDR, LCDC
"Sex Addiction Group using the materials of Patrick Carnes. "
(210) 319-4309
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78217
Counseling 4 Life, Counselor  in San Antonio
Social Skills Mini Camps
Host: Counseling 4 Life
"We will build friend-making muscles with fun and engaging actives. Two "mini camps" build on one another. June 12-13 & July 17-18. Camps will be 3 hours each day. "
(210) 714-1565
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Counseling 4 Life, Counselor  in San Antonio
She IS More
Host: Counseling 4 Life
""She IS More" is a process group for High School girls struggling with the relationships in their lives - with themselves, others, and God. In this group we will attempt to pull away the curtain of denial and choose (with ..."
(210) 714-1565
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Kimberly Watts Hoggatt, Counselor  in San Antonio
Teen Career Discernment Workshop
Host: Kimberly Watts Hoggatt, JD, MA, LPC
"Help your teen transition to college successfully! In this 3-hour workshop, we will provide tools to increase your student's confidence in moving forward to college and making initial major and career path decisions. Personality preferences and personal values assessments will ..."
(210) 598-5013
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78247
Henrietta Dominguez, Counselor  in San Antonio
Private Practice
Host: Henrietta Dominguez, MA, LPC
"Child, adult, individual, family, couples and group therapy available. Now accepting new clients. Call (210) 702-3066 for a complimentary initial phone consultation with no obligation. To learn more visit: m "
(210) 702-3066
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Alyssa L Albritton  in San Antonio
Loving Yourself
Host: Alyssa L Albritton, MA, LPC-I
"Redefine your own beauty by overcoming the harmful effects of societal messages about body image. Learn to love yourself through acceptance, and apply DBT skills in overcoming negative thoughts about yourself and your body. Gain strength and support through this ..."
(210) 853-2536
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78213
Trisha A Walker, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in San Antonio
Women's Group
Host: Trisha A Walker, LCSW
"Please join us for a psychotherapeutic group addressing issues women face. Topics include: Improving Relationships, Strengthening Coping Skills, Letting Go of Baggage, and Taking Care of you! Beginning Thursday, 4/23/15 and 4/30/15 from 6:00-7:00, (then meeting every 2nd and 4th ..."
(210) 330-8561
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Sonja Montgomery, Counselor  in San Antonio
Getting it Done ASAP!
Host: Sonja Montgomery, PhD
"8-week motivational group to help improve productiveness by tackling projects and getting them done. The group is based on the "Eat that Frog" book by Brian Tracy. We will discuss the individual chapters and use personal examples and challenges. Supportive ..."
(210) 390-1025
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Karla Poole, Counselor  in San Antonio
Women's Psychotherapy- Stress, Anxiety,Depression
Host: Karla Poole, MA, LPC, CCH
". Group time, length and number of sessions for this small women's group to be determined by group preferences and availability --likely 75-90 minutes. Will include therapy group, group discussions, psycho-education, targeted mindfulness training and other evidenced-based modalities. Focus of ..."
(512) 865-6613
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78258
Leslie J Hoy, Counselor  in San Antonio
The Missing Link to Weight Loss
Host: Leslie J Hoy, MA, LPC, CCBT
"This is a 6 week group focusing on Weight Loss and Maintenance based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. Participants will learn strategies to improve the way they think as well as learn effective behaviors that promote weight loss. I also ..."
(210) 379-4403
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Kathryn R Campbell, Counselor  in San Antonio
Dream Tending
Host: Kathryn R Campbell, MA, LPC-S
"In this group we listen to our dreams and tend the images that present themselves so that we may gain wisdom for our lives. "
(210) 429-8066
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Henrietta Dominguez, Counselor  in San Antonio
Host: Henrietta Dominguez, MA, LPC
(210) 702-3066
Group meets in:
San Antonio, Texas 78216

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San Antonio Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as San Antonio counseling groups, San Antonio support groups, San Antonio mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a San Antonio support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in San Antonio to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.
What to expect in a San Antonio group?
In a professionally operated support group in San Antonio, members provide each other with various types of help for a particular shared issue. The help takes the form of relating personal experiences and listening to and accepting others' experiences. San Antonio group members may also provide a sympathetic understanding and a social network.

Group Therapists or group counselors lead or facilitate the group and provide group counseling in San Antonio. They are sometimes specifically trained in group dynamics and the understanding of small group processes. So 'interpersonal learning', which can involve unfiltered feedback and confrontation between group members (and can be threatening) is safely moderated by the group therapist or group counselor in San Antonio.

What's the difference between individual and group therapy?