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Martha Darkins, Counselor  in Portland
Staying Sober Men's Group
Host: Martha Darkins, RN, LPC, CSAT
(503) 451-6549
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97239
Marie Mellberg  in Portland
Organization Workshop
Host: Marie Mellberg
"I cover topics such as: time management; medication management; disorganization; clutter; setting yourself up for success; tips and trick; how disability, chronic illness and related issues affect organization; and understanding what organization means for you. "
(503) 563-7520
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97232
Anxiety and Panic Treatment Center, LLC, Psychologist  in Portland
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Host: Anxiety and Panic Treatment Center, LLC
"This is a 16 week state of the art exposure and response prevention treatment group for OCD. We have gathered data on the effectiveness of our OCD group and have shown that people get better. Very popular group. "
(971) 216-3949
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97221
Elisa Rudd, Psychologist  in Portland
Gay Men's Group
Host: Elisa Rudd, PsyD
"This is a 12 session weekly 2-hour group for male identified gay adults that will begin in March 2015. Most recent session ended the first week in December 2014. This is a process group and is co-facilitated by gay identified ..."
(503) 683-7180
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97219
Diane C Steinbrecher, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Awakening Our Essential Nature
Host: Diane C Steinbrecher, LCSW, CHT, MSWAC
(503) 388-5760
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97202
Jeff Kenneth Ortman, Counselor  in Portland
Letting Go of Problematic Anxiety
Host: Jeff Kenneth Ortman, MS, CACD, I, LMHC
"Many people have difficulty attending a long term group and prefer to limit their involvement in groups. If you have difficulty with anxiety but are reluctant to join a group, this could be your group, one that emphasizes group education ..."
(503) 305-4069
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97202
Jennifer Linnman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Adolescent Anxiety Group
Host: Jennifer Linnman, LCSW, PhD
"High school age students (no gender requirement) dealing with anxiety and subsequent depression who need to talk to other's their age having similar experiences. Relationship building will be facilitated, social skills taught and practiced, techniques to relieve anxiety will be ..."
(503) 444-9772
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97209
Elizabeth Fisher, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Parenting Difficult Children
Host: Elizabeth Fisher, MA, LMFT, PhD
"This ongoing, open group is designed to support parents of children with affective and behavioral disorders. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, RAD, ODD, Bipolar Disorder, or another disorder creating disciplinary challenges, you are welcome to join this ..."
(541) 526-7218
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97212
Christopher R Boothby  in Portland
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Host: Christopher R Boothby, MS, NCC, LPCi
"For Men Experiencing Divorce or Separation Are you struggling with any of the following? * Coming to terms with grief and loss * Finding a new normal * Managing emotions in the midst of details and logistics * Negotiating co-parenting ..."
(503) 389-5352
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97214
Dolores Maggiore, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
Host: Dolores Maggiore, LCSW
"Understand the anxiety and depression experienced by many adoptees in their adult years.Get to the root of feeling of worthlessness and dire fear of rejection.Make peace with the anxious attempt to perfect yourself so no one again would want/be able ..."
(503) 766-4564
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97239
Fran Miller, Ph.D., Psychologist  in Portland
Beginning Meditation
Host: Fran Miller, Ph.D.
"For those interested in beginning a meditation practice. We will discuss postures, methods, mindfulness, implementing a home practice, sitting with a group, working with a teacher, along with some philosophical underpinnings of meditation. The length of the group will depend ..."
(503) 883-8880
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97209
Jessica Tolleson  in Portland
Healthy Relationships
Host: Jessica Tolleson, MA, LPCi
"Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with friends, family and spouses can be difficult. At Pathways Therapy Services we are offering an ongoing therapy group for individuals with relationship concerns. This group includes relationship support, education and coping skills. Weekly ..."
(503) 536-1225
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97201
Casselle LaTourette, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Write to Be Well
Host: Casselle LaTourette
"This group uses writing as our primary source of change. Through therapeutic prompts we explore the internal and external barriers to wellness in our lives. Together we share our work and discoveries as we unfold what is getting in our ..."
(503) 505-9894
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97205
Steven Shaps, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Portland
Can You Afford Not to Doubt
Host: Steven Shaps, MFT, Wa, ca, Or-Coun
"What is the cost for Judging one's own doubt. Doubt another word for uncertainty is neither bad or good. Learn to distinguish the messages and red flags that your unconscious. August 10, 2013.... 2:00 Pm-5:00 P.M. "
(424) 294-8889
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97217
Jill Davidson, Psychologist  in Portland
Obsessive-Compulsive Group
Host: Jill Davidson, PsyD
(503) 374-9184
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97205
NW Anxiety Institute, LLC, Counselor  in Portland
Engaging Effectively with my Anxious Kid
Host: NW Anxiety Institute, LLC
"This parent group integrates evidenced-based cognitive-behavioral techniques and Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) to better understand your child or teenager's struggles, support you with setting expectations, provide you with new problem solving techniques, improve communication and your relationship. "
(360) 339-8850
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97209
Ava Frank Counseling, LLC  in Portland
Nonviolent Communication & Hakomi
Host: Ava Frank Counseling, LLC
"Do you value compassionate communication but still find old patterns showing up? Group counseling utilizing Compassionate Communication and the Hakomi method provides dynamic healing support. The group will have elements one might experience in a traditional practice group along with ..."
(971) 703-5204
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97232
Katie Woodward, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
"This six-week group offers support for adoptive parents in open adoptions, or those who are hoping for more openness. Together, we will create the space to explore challenges and coping strategies, look at how past patterns impact parenting and relationship ..."
(503) 336-9674
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97232
Erin Beery, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Portland
The Heart Group
Host: Erin Beery, MSW, LCSW
"The Heart Group is an 8 week therapy group for non-cisgendered youth ages 14-18 beginning January 8th. Group topics will include connection, relationships, self care, and coping in a cisgendered/binary world. **Please note: we recognize the word "transsexual" is outdated. ..."
(503) 487-0253
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97217
Michael Crockett  in Portland
Adult ADHD skills group
Host: Michael Crockett, PsyD
"This will be an repeating 4 week course teaching skills for managing ADHD such as: time management, organization, and mindfulness. "
(503) 713-6296
Group meets in:
Portland, Oregon 97232
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Portland Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Portland counseling groups, Portland support groups, Portland mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Portland support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Portland to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.
What to expect in a Portland group?
In a professionally operated support group in Portland, members provide each other with various types of help for a particular shared issue. The help takes the form of relating personal experiences and listening to and accepting others' experiences. Portland group members may also provide a sympathetic understanding and a social network.

Group Therapists or group counselors lead or facilitate the group and provide group counseling in Portland. They are sometimes specifically trained in group dynamics and the understanding of small group processes. So 'interpersonal learning', which can involve unfiltered feedback and confrontation between group members (and can be threatening) is safely moderated by the group therapist or group counselor in Portland.

What's the difference between individual and group therapy?