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Chronic Pain Therapy Groups in Vermont (VT)

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Sarah White, Counselor  in Barre
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group
Host: Sarah White, MS, LCMHC
"If you've wanted to attend a DBT Skills group but have been worried about attending group in person, consider attending an online facilitated group! This group meets once a week for skills, just like you would experience in an on-site ..."
(802) 635-5794
Group meets in:
Barre, Vermont 05641
Cody Thomas Rounds  in Burlington
Social Process Group for Asperger's and ASD
Host: Cody Thomas Rounds, MA
"Socially attuned thinkers are more able to consider the points of view, emotions, thoughts and intentions of others (this is often called perspective-taking). By engaging with one another individuals can gain wider perspectives about the various ways they relate to ..."
(802) 676-4511
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Tisha M. Shull, Counselor  in Burlington
Adults Healing from Child Abuse
Host: Tisha M. Shull, MA, LCMHC, CYI
"This group is for adults who experienced child abuse as children/adolescents who would like to explore methods of healing, and give and receive support from others with similar experiences. The intention of this group is to create safety and community ..."
(802) 277-3422
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Anya Raven Hunter, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Burlington
Eating with Grace
Host: Anya Raven Hunter, MA, MSW, LICSW
"Eating With Grace is a non-diet, healthy, and sustainable approach to end emotional eating, binge eating, and food obsession, one day at a time. The Eating With Grace BASIC GROUP offers a safe and confidential space to any woman over ..."
(802) 589-4268
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Nancy Hayes Kilgore, Pastoral Counselor  in Burlington
Writing to Heal
Host: Nancy Hayes Kilgore, MDiv, DMin, LPP
"A periodic day or weekend retreat that combines writing and mindfulness meditation. Tap into your inner creative spirit through writing therapy and mindfulness meditation, two practices that have been proved effective for healing of the mind and spirit. This group ..."
(603) 733-4544
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Jennie Kristel, Counselor  in Burlington
Journey to the Soul
Host: Jennie Kristel, MA, REAT, RMT, APTT
"Explore in an open expressive arts studio to combine uninhibited art-making with thoughtful writing and reflection. JourneyWorks is a safe space, providing a healthy environment to access your inner wisdom,explore and expand your intuition. No prior art or writing experience ..."
(802) 276-0639
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05408
Forensic Consultation & Counseling Service, LLC, Treatment Facility  in Rutland
Anger Management Group
Host: Forensic Consultation & Counseling Service, LLC
"Anger Management Group addresses impulsive and explosive emotional responses. Focus will incorporate motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to motivate clients to seek healthier lifestyles and make informed decisions while avoiding impulsive and reactionary aggression. This group will support change ..."
(866) 639-9573
Group meets in:
Rutland, Vermont 05701
Carol A Fournier, Counselor  in South Burlington
Spirituality & Health
Host: Carol A Fournier, LCMHC, NCC
"Mental Health and other Health Care Professionals are welcome as we consider research based evidence of spirituality as a solution to wellness in our healthcare systems. Together we will look for opportunities in the changing healthcare environment, in which spirituality ..."
(802) 444-0415
Group meets in:
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
Kara DeLeonardis Kraus, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in South Burlington
Transgender Support
Host: Kara DeLeonardis Kraus, LICSW, MSW
"I run two monthly groups - one for male identified transgender individuals, and one for female identified transgender individuals. "
(802) 359-7232
Group meets in:
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
Nina La Rosa  in Burlington
Introduction to Mindfulness
Host: Nina La Rosa, MS, NCC
"A 1 hour introductory mindfulness class open to the public. Held on the first Thursday of every month from 7-8pm. Appropriate for beginners to experienced meditators. Includes discussion, introduction of a technique, practice, and Q&A. Check out le for ..."
(802) 431-0903
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Sarah White, Counselor  in Barre
Social Skills Groups - Children, Teens, Adults
Host: Sarah White, MS, LCMHC
"This is an excellent opportunity to meet with a small group of others and improve your social skills! Adolescent groups meet both at the office and online weekly and work on interpersonal communication, emotional regulation, logical choices, and more. Great ..."
(802) 635-5794
Group meets in:
Barre, Vermont 05641
Stannard Baker, Counselor  in Burlington
Authentic Spirituality
Host: Stannard Baker, MA, LLC, LCMHC, RPT-S
"Led by me and co-therapist, Lyn Taylor Hale, this group will focus on finding one's authentic spirituality. It is for those who may have been wounded by religion, find themselves confused or yearning for a new spiritual grounding, or are ..."
(802) 662-1291
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Nicole Ilena Grubman,   in South Burlington
Mindful Walking for Mental well-being
Host: Nicole Ilena Grubman, MA, Pre-Lic, Profess
(215) 305-8324
Group meets in:
South Burlington, Vermont 05403
Thomas Franco, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Burlington
Host: Thomas Franco, MSW, LICSW
"A processing group allowing caregivers to process together stressors related to caregiving of a loved one. Resources,coping skills, and self care are discussed within the context of the group process. "
(802) 461-4237 x435
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Edie Rhoads  in Burlington
Social Anxiety Support Group, begins Feb. 2015
Host: Edie Rhoads, MS, MFA, CMHC
"This group is designed for individuals who struggle with social anxiety to practice sharing, provide compassionate support, and experience understanding. Group members will have the opportunity to share honestly about the way they experience being part of a group and ..."
(802) 275-5238
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Annie M Condon, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Burlington
Women's Groups
Host: Annie M Condon, LCMHC, LADC
"Clients may arrange for small groups, up to three people, to work on these issues together. "
(802) 560-3092
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Mark Renkert, Psychologist  in Burlington
SMARTvt Job Club
Host: Mark Renkert, Mcsl
"See National Public Television: 1IU3BZi Job Club is a Powerful No Risk High Reward Transition Group that yields deployable results quickly. An important resource, the General Assessment of Employability gives a reading on how employable a candidates are and the ..."
(802) 318-4136
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Kay Frances Schepp, Psychologist  in Burlington
Clinical Supervision Group
Host: Kay Frances Schepp, EdD
"Groups are formed depending on members' needs, as some work toward licensing as a Psychologist and some as Clinical Mental Health Counselors. Others who are already licensed or are rostered as a Psychotherapist in Vermont join the group supervision for ..."
(802) 797-4054
Group meets in:
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Kendra Schpok, Art Therapist  in Vergennes
Stress Management
Host: Kendra Schpok, ATR, LCMHC
"We are not always able to change the external sources of stress, but reconnecting with our creative yearnings can bring relief in unexpected ways. Art making promotes relaxation, carves out time to reflect on life, and re-connects you with soulful, ..."
(802) 281-3814
Group meets in:
Vergennes, Vermont 05491
Claire LeMessurier, Counselor  in Brattleboro
"Creating Radiance After Cancer"
Host: Claire LeMessurier, MA, LCMHC, BC-DMT
"Turn the existential crisis of cancer into an opportunity to reconstruct your present life and enrich the meaning of the future. Population: Adults who have been diagnosed with cancer recently or in the past who want to explore ways to ..."
(802) 546-0073
Group meets in:
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

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Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia) Therapy Groups
If you're looking for help with chronic pain in Vermont (VT) or for a Vermont (VT) chronic pain Therapy Group, these professionals provide chronic pain treatment, chronic pain management and chronic back pain treatment. They include chronic pain Therapy Groups in Vermont (VT), chronic pain psychologosists, chronic pain anorexia and chronic pain counselors. A Therapy Group can help with chronic back pain in Vermont (VT), chronic neck pain, chronic pain syndrome, pain management and pain relief. They are skilled at helping with fibromyalgia. Therapy Groups use various Group Therapy techniques to help relieve pain in Vermont (VT).

Vermont (VT) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Vermont (VT) counseling groups, Vermont (VT) support groups, Vermont (VT) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Vermont (VT) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Vermont (VT) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.