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Child or Adolescent Therapy Groups in Illinois (IL)

Smart Love Family Services, Psychologist  in Oak Park
Social Skills Friendship Group
Host: Smart Love Family Services
"Smart Love Family Services is happy to offer their new Friendship Group, an 8 week group program designed to help children (ages 9-11 years) facilitate positive social skills in a group of their peers. Co-led by two experienced SLFS therapists, ..."
Child or Adolescent
(773) 328-8739 x4
Group meets in:
Oak Park, Illinois 60304
The Tree House Center for Growth and Learning, Treatment Facility  in Long Grove
Social Skills Groups
Host: The Tree House Center for Growth and Learning
"For boys and girls in kindergarten, grade school and middle school who have difficulties in relationships with other peers and in various social interactions. "
Child or Adolescent
(847) 380-7358
Group meets in:
Long Grove, Illinois 60047
Theresa Burback, Counselor  in Downers Grove
Quantum Counseling Inc. adolescent group
Host: Theresa Burback, LCPC, CADC
"This is a DBT support group for high school students to develop skills to manage emotions as well as to learn interpersonal skills and receive support through their peers. "
Child or Adolescent
(630) 557-6686
Group meets in:
Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
Kathleen M McShane, Counselor  in Chicago
Moms self care and support
Host: Kathleen M McShane, MA, LPC
"Children 0-24 months welcome to join moms. There will be a topic with each session, as well as time to share about any challenges or struggles. Moms will have the opportunity to have open dialogue while gaining a sense of ..."
Child or Adolescent
(312) 697-1671
Group meets in:
Chicago, Illinois 60643
Terry Ann Dornak  in Park Ridge
High School Girls Group
Host: Terry Ann Dornak, PsyD
Child or Adolescent
(847) 613-4055 x5
Group meets in:
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068
Amy Dahill, Counselor  in Oak Forest
Amy Mc Cabe-Dahill & Associates
Host: Amy Dahill, LCPC
"Mrs. Dahill offers a variety of support groups addressing teen and parental issues such as self-esteem, positive discipline, cycle of violence, addressing anxiety and depression and grief. "
Child or Adolescent
(773) 273-6388
Group meets in:
Oak Forest, Illinois 60452
Autumn Starks, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Oak Park
Host: Autumn Starks, LCSW
"Adolescent girls struggling with self-esteem, anxiety or mood issues will find support from compassionate peers and skillful facilitation. This group will provide a venue to share and recieve feedback, as well as offer valuable skills for coping with teenage challenges. "
Child or Adolescent
(708) 329-8118
Group meets in:
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Susan Myket, PhD & Associates, Psychologist  in Naperville
Friendship Group
Host: Susan Myket, PhD & Associates
"Does your child have trouble making friends? Handling social situations is a skill that can be learned. We offer 4 courses that focus on helping kids learn skills for making and keeping friends. Friendship Basics (ages 6-8), Best Buddies (ages ..."
Child or Adolescent
(630) 733-1421
Group meets in:
Naperville, Illinois 60563
Tracy Muklewicz, Counselor  in Winfield
Insight Therapeutics
Host: Tracy Muklewicz, MS, Ed, NCC, LCPC
"Insight Therapeutics provides highly educated and experienced clinicians for people of all walks of life. We recognize the need for passionate, dedicated therapists who go the extra mile for our clients. Insight appreciates therapists who are self-aware and 'get it' ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 380-7367
Group meets in:
Winfield, Illinois 60190
Laura J Cottrell, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Downers Grove
Feelings and Friends
Host: Laura J Cottrell, MA, LCPC, ATR
"Co-Ed, grades 2-4. Goals for group include: Developing social skills, Learning to identify and express emotions, Improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills, Understanding and recognizing emotions, Problem solving. Engaging our members in an assortment of different activities, such as: group ..."
Child or Adolescent
(630) 882-5388
Group meets in:
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
Abbey Graves, Psychologist  in Aurora
Eating Disorders Testing
Host: Abbey Graves, Psy, D
"Eating disorders come in all forms including refusal to eat, extreme weight loss, significant weight gain and obesity. Self image often plays a role in eating and nutrition. Testing can help determine underlying causes for these behaviors. "
Child or Adolescent
(847) 416-6975
Group meets in:
Aurora, Illinois 60502
Andrea S Morse, Psychologist  in Deerfield
Teen Therapy and Support Group
Host: Andrea S Morse, PsyD
"This group provides support and therapy for teens seeking peer support for the multiple challenges of adolescence and wishing to increase the depth of their relationships with peers. I may offer this group again as a short-term weekly group with ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 920-7753
Group meets in:
Deerfield, Illinois 60015
Megan Weber, Counselor  in Wheaton
Host: Megan Weber, MA, LPC
"This group is open to all high school students in the Wheaton/Naperville and surrounding areas. We will discuss a specific topic every other week (stress, communication skills, cyber bullying, self-esteem, dating, anger and conflict management, substance abuse). Group will start ..."
Child or Adolescent
(920) 354-6024
Group meets in:
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
Karla Steingraber, Psychologist  in Northbrook
Licensed Clinical Psycholgist
Host: Karla Steingraber, PsyD
"Aprioris is a private practice that offers treatment tailored to the individual. Our goal is to work with you to regain equilibrium in an often chaotic world. Working together, we identify obstacles that prevent you from achieving satisfaction in your ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 920-4603
Group meets in:
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Evelyn Dalenheim, Counselor  in Grayslake
Anxiety Testing
Host: Evelyn Dalenheim, RN, LCPC
"Measures specific worries about school, work, or life performance, the future, negative reactions of others, fears including loss of control, and physiological symptoms associated with anxiety. Measures concerns regarding thoughts of being treated unfairly by others, feelings of anger and ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 350-1995
Group meets in:
Grayslake, Illinois 60030
Jan Hammer, Psychologist  in Schaumburg
Teen Group
Host: Jan Hammer, PsyD
"The Teen Group is a confidential process group for teenagers. Teens will have the opportunity to talk with each other about their experiences, receive support, and share problems and solutions for relationships, stress, parents, siblings, school, peers, friends, depression, anxiety, ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 737-7959 x338
Group meets in:
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
The Tree House Center for Growth and Learning, Treatment Facility  in Long Grove
Music Therapy Groups
Host: The Tree House Center for Growth and Learning
"A Music Therapist uses music as the medium to help children address any needs they may have. Goals are tailored toward the individual. Goals could be but are not limited to: creativity, satisfying emotional needs, increased attention span; social skills; ..."
Child or Adolescent
(847) 380-7358
Group meets in:
Long Grove, Illinois 60047
Leigh Bancsy, Counselor  in Joliet
Social Skills Group for Boys Ages 5-8
Host: Leigh Bancsy, MA, LCPC
"Utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral and Play Therapy techniques, this group teaches members the skills that will allow them to be successful in various social settings including school, family and a number of other interpersonal situations and relationships. Skills addressed include but are ..."
Child or Adolescent
(815) 206-8431
Group meets in:
Joliet, Illinois 60435
Julie Safranski, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Chicago
Teen Grief/Loss Group
Host: Julie Safranski, LCSW
"Is your teen struggling with the death of a close family member or friend? A loss of someone can be difficult for anyone but teenagers often internalize their feelings regarding a death and/or act out. Teens typically will respond better ..."
Child or Adolescent
(773) 295-2405
Group meets in:
Chicago, Illinois 60618
Richard Flynn, Art Therapist  in Northbrook
Sequential Arts, Character & Story Design
Host: Richard Flynn, LCPC, ATR
"Do you love to draw? Do you make up amazing stories in your head? Do you love animation, video games, role playing? In this workshop, aspiring artists will work together to create and tell stories using both words and pictures. ..."
Child or Adolescent
(773) 295-2247
Group meets in:
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Child or Adolescent Therapy Groups
If you're looking for help with children or for an Illinois (IL) child Therapy Group these professionals provide help with child development, child education and help for child Group Therapy. They include child Therapy Groups in Illinois (IL), child psychologists, child psychotherapists and child counselors. They can help with child abuse, mother child issues, child neglect, child behavior, child discipline.

For help with adolescents or for an Illinois (IL) adolescent Therapy Group these professionals provide help with adolescent development, adolescent education and help for adolescent Group Therapy. They include adolescent Therapy Groups in Illinois (IL), adolescent psychologists, and adolescent counselors. They can help with adolescent behavior, adolescent learning and adolescent discipline. They'll also help with teens in Illinois (IL), teenagers in Illinois (IL), communicating and understanding your teenager, Illinois (IL) teenager behavior and teenager learning issues.

Illinois (IL) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Illinois (IL) counseling groups, Illinois (IL) support groups, Illinois (IL) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Illinois (IL) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Illinois (IL) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.