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Internet Addiction Therapy Groups in Colorado (CO)

Renee Madison, Counselor  in Westminster
Men Sex Addiction therapy group
Host: Renee Madison, MA, LPC, CSAT
"Ongoing sex addiction group for men. $45 per session, 3 month commitment. I use Patrick Carnes' material, plus. Please call for admittance to group. "
Internet Addiction
(303) 900-5368
Group meets in:
Westminster, Colorado 80031
Alex A. Avila, Counselor  in Littleton
Freedom Group!
Host: Alex A. Avila, MA, LPC, CACI, NCC, CBCP
"Appropriate for males and females age 21+, this Process and Skills group is designed to cover much more than the addiction. We work on the many issues we experience when we struggle with an addiction: Identity, Work, Relationships, Emotions, Depression, ..."
Internet Addiction
(720) 316-7771
Group meets in:
Littleton, Colorado 80120
Alex Young, Counselor  in Greenwood Village
Protecting Your Family From Porn Addiction
Host: Alex Young, MA, NCC, EMDR, CSAT-C
"Given that 90% of all children ages 8-16 have been exposed to online pornography, this group works with parents to develop strategies on keeping their homes safe. How do we as parents create an environment where accountability is woven into ..."
Internet Addiction
(720) 459-6223
Group meets in:
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Star Guides Wilderness, Treatment Facility  in Colorado Springs
Sexual Compulsivity Track
Host: Star Guides Wilderness
"Because of the ease of access to explicit media and the potency of today's pornography, many parents are faced with the difficult and uncomfortable task of addressing pornography use and sexual behavior problems by their children. Research suggests that most ..."
Internet Addiction
(866) 369-8591
Group meets in:
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
Star Guides Wilderness, Treatment Facility  in Colorado Springs
Sexual Offenses Track
Host: Star Guides Wilderness
"Few behaviors can be as potentially devastating to a young person's future as sexual offending. The ramifications carry long lasting negative consequences. For youth and young adults in this situation, STAR Guides delivers the most impactful, life-changing therapeutic experience available ..."
Internet Addiction
(866) 369-8591
Group meets in:
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
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Eric Hutchinson, Psychologist  in Colorado Springs
Kids Need Dads, Too
Host: Eric Hutchinson, PhD
"Too many times after a divorce the system seems to be biased toward favoring the mom regarding the best interest of the child without always carefully weighing all the relevant issues. This group focuses on the challenges facing recently divorced ..."
(719) 387-8119 x104
Group meets in:
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
Cheryl Somers  in Centennial
Girls' Night Teen Group
Host: Cheryl Somers, Counsel, MA, NCC
"6-week group focused on Self-Esteem and Empowerment for Teen Girls, ages 13-16 * Understand the sources of both positive and negative self-esteem. *Acknowledge societal pressures experienced by teen girls. *Work through insecurities and barriers to self-confidence. * Learn the essential ..."
(303) 647-9787
Group meets in:
Centennial, Colorado 80112
Brad Stubbs, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Lakewood
AMEND Domestic Violence Group
Host: Brad Stubbs
"This is a vountary group for men to work on anger management and abusive behavior toward their partners. In addition there are court ordered groups available on Wednesday and evenings and Thursday mornings. "
(303) 900-7016
Group meets in:
Lakewood, Colorado 80228
Karen Lenzi, Counselor  in Lakewood
"Small 3-4 member group of new unlicensed therapists seeking clinical and professional support while they gain experience and hours for licensure. Group meets once monthly (and is not a replacement for individual supervision requirements). We have case presentations, readings and ..."
(720) 971-2931
Group meets in:
Lakewood, Colorado 80228
Ben Wilson, Counselor  in Longmont
Marital Growth Group
Host: Ben Wilson, MA, LPC
"This group is for couples having a difficult time in their relationship. My wife (who is also an LPC) and I spend time teaching a fourth of the group. The remainder of the group we help process your relationship with ..."
(720) 307-3852
Group meets in:
Longmont, Colorado 80501
Suzanne DuMond, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Louisville
Coping With Emotions
Host: Suzanne DuMond, MSW, LCSW
"This group is focused on the use of mindfulness to help you feel your emotions more fluidly in order to free up your energy to focus on what you really want in your life. "
(720) 744-3572
Group meets in:
Louisville, Colorado 80027
Valerie Lorig, Counselor  in Boulder
Women's Groups / Relationship Groups
Host: Valerie Lorig, MEd, LPCC, NCC
"Groups gather for support, communication, education, and play. Includes a variety of activities including mindfulness and awareness exercises, brief meditations, listening skills, council practice, collage art, inquiry, contemplations, and reading materials. Groups include: Women: The Divine, Daring, and Dicey Feminine; ..."
(303) 578-2949
Group meets in:
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Christine B Hager, Counselor  in Denver
Mindfullness Stress Reduction
Host: Christine B Hager, DiSP, MSW, CGP, CACIII, CTS
(720) 248-7894
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80239
InReach, Treatment Facility  in Boulder
Cool Kids Club
Host: InReach
"Does your 4-6 year old child have difficulty with self-regulation, emotional explosions, social skills, making or keeping friends or getting along with siblings. This group is designed to help children develop these skills. Parents are given feedback, guidance, practice materials ..."
(303) 578-6165
Group meets in:
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Tania Henderson, Counselor  in Wheat Ridge
Assertiveness Training
Host: Tania Henderson, MA, LPC, NCC
"Would you like to know how to act in your own best interest, stand up for yourself, and express yourself in an honest, respectful way? Welcome to Assertiveness Training! This three part seminar is designed ot give you clear, tangible ..."
(303) 900-5911
Group meets in:
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033
Leigh M Baker, Psychologist  in Denver
Preschool Socializtion Groups
Host: Leigh M Baker, PsyD, MA
"Our preschool socialization groups are developed for children who have difficulty regulating emotions and negotiating social interactions. The groups offer an early intervention that teaches preschool children necessary skills needed for academic and social success. Parents are given information and ..."
(303) 900-7253
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80224
Karen Moreau, Counselor  in Denver
Level II Education and Level II Therapy
Host: Karen Moreau, PhD, LPC, CAC, III
"$5.00 OFF YOUR FIRST GROUP WHEN YOU TELL US YOU FOUND US ON PSYCHOLOGY TODAY'S WEBSITE. ATOPS IS ALSO A MEDICAID PROVIDER Addiction Treatment Outpatient Services is a premier alcohol and drug treatment agency licensed by state of Colorado to fulfill ..."
(303) 578-9980
Group meets in:
Denver, Colorado 80209
Constance Clancy, Counselor  in Aspen
women in transition
Host: Constance Clancy, EdD, LPC, LMHC, HSMI, NCC
"Women in Transition is designed to assist women who are going through changes in life that need the support of a group. "
(970) 323-3119
Group meets in:
Aspen, Colorado 81611
Diana Fenton, Counselor  in Boulder
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group
Host: Diana Fenton, MA, LPC, LCMHC
"Do you experience: * Anger, anxiety, fear or sadness that interfere with life at home or the office? * Difficulty building and maintaining relationships? * Feeling empty, hopeless, lonely? * Ruminating thoughts? Focus: Mindfulness- Focus on present, overcome negative judgments about self and others. Distress Tolerance ..."
(720) 466-7950
Group meets in:
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Sharla P. Macy, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Boulder
Pursuits for Expectant and New Parents
Host: Sharla P. Macy, LMFT
"This group prepares couples for the changes and transitions experienced during the first year of bringing baby home. And Baby Makes Three and the resources of the Gottman Institute will be woven into the group. Couples will learn tools to ..."
(720) 440-7287
Group meets in:
Boulder, Colorado 80301

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Therapy Groups: 1 to 5

Internet Addiction Therapy Groups
Internet addiction (or sometimes formally referred to as internet addiction disorder or "IAD") applies to internet overuse, problematic computer use, or excessive computer use that interferes with ones day to day life. Whether overuse of the internet can be classed as an "addiction" is disputed. But online activities such as compulsive gambling or shopping (sometimes called net compulsions) or reading or playing computer games, can be troubling when they interfere with life's regular activities-even in Colorado (CO)-such as work, sleep or study.

Internet addictive behaviors in Colorado (CO) might include excessive, overwhelming, or inappropriate pornography use, gaming, online social networking, blogging, email, or internet shopping. Although not all compulsive behaviors may themselves be addictive.Check here for an internet addiction Therapy Group in Colorado (CO), Colorado (CO) internet addiction [TYPEs] or internet addiction counseling

IAD (internet addiction disorder) is not included in the current DSM (as of 2009) but may possibly be in future.

Colorado (CO) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Colorado (CO) counseling groups, Colorado (CO) support groups, Colorado (CO) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Colorado (CO) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Colorado (CO) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.