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Chronic Pain Therapy Groups in Omaha

Omaha Integrative Care, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
Mind/Body Medicine for Stress Reduction Group
Host: Omaha Integrative Care
"This comprehensive 8-week workshop teaches self-care to help improve quality of life and manage the frustrating symptoms of daily stress or stress-related illnesses. Participants learn to reduce stress and build resilience through a variety of mind/body practices. Topics include mindfulness, ..."
Chronic Pain
(402) 238-1770
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
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Joan Fink-Arney, Counselor  in Omaha
Women & Sex In Later Life
Host: Joan Fink-Arney, MS, LMHP, LPC, NCC
"This group will discuss the impact of aging on sexual functioning and satisfaction. We will discuss how sex changes throughout the lifespan, and explore common myths and stereotypes about aging and sexuality. This group will meet for six weeks. For ..."
(402) 902-4015
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68130
Anita Akers, Counselor  in Omaha
Smoking Cessation Program
Host: Anita Akers, LIMHP, PLADC
"10 week group course or individual sessions. "
(402) 875-6794
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Angie Heim, Counselor  in Omaha
Eating Disorder Support Group
Host: Angie Heim, MS, LMHP
"Groups are held on Saturdays. RSVP required as groups are only held if there are an adequate number of participants. The group is to offer inspiration for recovery to others with a licensed mental health professional present in order to ..."
(402) 235-1990 x102
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Lindsay Kruse, Counselor  in Omaha
Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills
Host: Lindsay Kruse, MS, LIMHP, CPC, NCC
"DBT is a skills class designed to teach participants how to effectively change how they think, act, and feel in order to build the life they want to live. The focus of the class is to learn concepts of mindfulness ..."
(402) 235-1083
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Scarlett K Shockley, Counselor  in Omaha
Dialectal Behavioral Therapy
Host: Scarlett K Shockley, RN-C, LIMHP, LPC
"Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. This group is facilitated like a class, with minimal sharing of 'issues'. Clients must be seen by a DBT trained therapist in addition to being in group. The client's individual therapist helps them apply the skills to ..."
(402) 606-2568
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Gail Bos, Counselor  in Omaha
Living Beyond Counseling & Therapy
Host: Gail Bos, LPC, LMHP, NCC
(402) 615-9617
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Penny Cavender, Counselor  in Omaha
Tough and Tender Parenting
Host: Penny Cavender, MS, LMHP, LIMHP, NBCC, CPC
"A mix of loving with attention and using rewards and consequences in ways that you may have never thought of before, or did, and did not know how to use them. Works with all ages. "
(402) 522-6923
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68104
The Attachment & Trauma Center of Nebraska, Counselor  in Omaha
Integrative Parenting
Host: The Attachment & Trauma Center of Nebraska
"This is a 5 week class for adoptive, foster, or biological parents raising children with a history of trauma and challenging behaviors. It is based on the book, "Integrative Parenting: Strategies for Children Affected by Attachment Trauma. See for ..."
(402) 513-0739
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Mike Rolland, Counselor  in Omaha
A Better Way Therapy
Host: Mike Rolland, LMHP, LADC
"Wednesday group 6pm to 7pm. This group address drug and alcohol issues in a small group setting. $30 call 402-813-2235 "
(402) 337-6036
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68116
Meghan R Herek, Counselor  in Omaha
Omaha Integrative Care
Host: Meghan R Herek, LMHP, LCSW
"At Omaha Integrative Care, we offer counseling or coaching, yoga, massage, nutritional services, acupuncture, and meditation or mind / body medicine classes. Omaha Integrative Care apart is the only location in the region that offers all of those services under ..."
(402) 609-7715 x101
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
Katie Jensen, Counselor  in Omaha
DBT women's group
Host: Katie Jensen, lmhp
"DBT skills group. We teach about invalidation as a catalyst for problems in coping related to emotion regulation, distress tolerance, relationship skills and mindfulness. We teach emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and wise mind skills. "
(402) 218-1063
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68127
Connie Lofgreen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Omaha
Womens Support Group
Host: Connie Lofgreen, MSW, CSAT, LCSW
"An interactive group for partners of sex addicts which addresses betrayal trauma, and losses related to disclosure of mate's sex addiction. Focus is on the participant regaining her own wellness while constructively supporting the addict's recovery. "
(402) 509-3078
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Hannah Mirmiran, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Omaha
Therapy Group
Host: Hannah Mirmiran, LICSW, LIMHP, CGP
"As a certified group psychotherapist (CGP), I co-facilitate a therapy group for men and women with another therapist. This group is ongoing and meets weekly. Therapy groups provide an ideal place to improve interpersonal relationships and to decrease anxiety and ..."
(402) 403-1354
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68132
John C Hunziker, Psychologist  in Omaha
Pacific Street Psychotherapy Associates
Host: John C Hunziker, PhD
"We are a small, intimate group of highly trained providers whose skills cover a broad range of issues including treatment and assessment of PTSD, substance abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, interpersonal issues, and marital psychotherapy. We specialized in a dynamic approach ..."
(402) 415-2643
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Omaha Integrative Care, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
The Mindful Path: Infertility Support Group
Host: Omaha Integrative Care
"The Mindful Path is a confidential space to help you get what you want-to do everything you can to prepare your body, mind and spirit for a healthy pregnancy. Sessions combine teaching, skills training and sharing with other women experiencing ..."
(402) 238-1770
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
Denisa Hollendieck, Counselor  in Omaha
Healing Tree Counseling
Host: Denisa Hollendieck, MS, LMHP
"Healing Tree Counseling is committed to helping individuals in a supportive, comfortable and confidential environment. We take the confidentiality of our clients very serious and work hard at making sure every client has a trusting relationship with the staff. Healing ..."
(402) 807-2707
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Gail A Olson, Counselor  in Omaha
Women's Group
Host: Gail A Olson, PhD, LIMHP, LADC, LPCC, NCC
"Wisdom and Women Topics: What Works When Relationships Don't Building Better Communication Using Healthy Power Living Your Values Strength For the Journey A Chance for Change "
(402) 318-3031
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Kathy Wiley MS MSW, Counselor  in Omaha
Women's Issues
Host: Kathy Wiley MS MSW
"Various Subjects and Days of Week "
(402) 695-6519
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Michelle K Dubay, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Omaha
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Host: Michelle K Dubay, LIMHP, LADC, PC
"This is a skills group that focuses on teaching skills of interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and Core Mindfulness. "
(402) 835-0966
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144

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Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia) Therapy Groups
If you're looking for help with chronic pain in Omaha or for an Omaha chronic pain Therapy Group, these professionals provide chronic pain treatment, chronic pain management and chronic back pain treatment. They include chronic pain Therapy Groups in Omaha, chronic pain psychologosists, chronic pain anorexia and chronic pain counselors. A Therapy Group can help with chronic back pain in Omaha, chronic neck pain, chronic pain syndrome, pain management and pain relief. They are skilled at helping with fibromyalgia. Therapy Groups use various Group Therapy techniques to help relieve pain in Omaha.

Omaha Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Omaha counseling groups, Omaha support groups, Omaha mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Omaha support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Omaha to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.