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Personality Disorders Therapy Groups in Nashville
Paranoid, Narcissistic

Lauren Ruth Martin  in Nashville
DBT Skills Training: Women 20s-30s
Host: Lauren Ruth Martin, MA
"Facilitated by Jennifer Biddle, LPC-MHSP/Co-Leader: Lauren Martin, MA "
Personality Disorders
(615) 933-2813
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
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Andrea Pizzano, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Nashville
"This is a support group for parents with children who have ADHD, Autism Spectrum and other mood and learning challenges. Please go to for more information on this group. "
(615) 209-9195
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37216
Rebecca Spencer Frary  in Nashville
Skills Based Anxiety Group
Host: Rebecca Spencer Frary, MSEd, MEd
"The group focuses on building effective strategies for dealing with anxiety. Members will explore physical, cognitive, and emotional approaches to symptom reduction. "
(615) 374-7675 x704
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Christine L Robinson,   in Nashville
ADHD Support Group for Adults
Host: Christine L Robinson, MEd
"I am in the process of forming a support group for ADHD Adults and another group specifically for ADHD College Students.The location will be near Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Please email me at Christine@ADDActionCoach. com for details. "
(615) 447-5393
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
The Evelyn Frye Center, Psychologist  in Nashville
"How to get out of my own way."
Host: The Evelyn Frye Center
"Cost for this group is $125 per month. Please call our office to check available space for new members to this group. "
(615) 669-0967
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Solutions Retreat, In-patient Residential, Treatment Facility  in Nashville
Experiential Recovery
Host: Solutions Retreat, In-patient Residential
"Experiential therapy goes deeper than traditional talk therapy in that it includes activities, actions, and movements rather than lectures alone. It tends to get past our client's conscious blocks of their deeper subconscious issues. We use experiential recovery. Getting clean ..."
(615) 735-4084
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37220
Christina Oliver, Counselor  in Nashville
Thursday Evening Interpersonal Process Group
Host: Christina Oliver, MA, LPC
"This coed interpersonal therapy group helps members develop and refine the skills to notice, articulate, and understand their thoughts and feelings about themselves and others. In a confidential and contained setting, members will work to increase their capacity to have ..."
(615) 823-6041
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Stephanie Hathcock Vaughn,   in Nashville
Dialectical Behavior Skills Training Group
Host: Stephanie Hathcock Vaughn, PsyD
"We have multiple DBT Skills groups both for adolescents and adults. Our adolescent DBT group does not require parents to participate as some other groups do. Call our office for the current schedule. "
(615) 745-1019
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Larkin Oates  in Nashville
Art Journaling
Host: Larkin Oates, MA, MFA
"A relaxing community in which to use your creative juices and recharge your soul! Come play. Any level experience accepted.Bring your journal or composition book.. "
(615) 789-8752
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Transformation Services, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Nashville
Anger Management
Host: Transformation Services
"We offer court ordered Anger Management, Domestic Violence (Batterer Intervention Program) and Parenting Groups. Please call for intake appointments and group schedule. We also offer juvenile offender groups, shoplifting and BOPP- Thinking for a Change groups. Call for more information "
(615) 490-0872
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Tammy Lee Beeman, Counselor  in Nashville
Stop the Chaos! Living Well With Adult ADHD
Host: Tammy Lee Beeman, PsyD
"Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a puzzling condition that is believed to afflict anywhere from 2 to 5 percent of our adult population. Many adults struggle with staying organized, managing time, setting priorities, controlling their emotions, and effectively focusing ..."
(615) 239-0022
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Kaci Allen  in Nashville
"If increased focus, confidence and sport performance is what you desire, then grab one of these limited spots. The group meets for ten sessions and will focus on various performance psychology techniques to aid athletes in developing a strong mental ..."
(615) 489-8054
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Michelle Chalfant, Counselor  in Nashville
Releasing you Inner Goddess: Empowerment/Self love
Host: Michelle Chalfant, MS, LPC
"Calling all women! Do you feel lost or empty inside and long for your power, your true self to emerge? The Goddess group is a group for women on a mission to find their true selves. In this group, we ..."
(615) 823-6028
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Carrie Saxton, Counselor  in Nashville
Teen Process
Host: Carrie Saxton, LPC, MHSP
"There is an adolescent therapy group forming at New Directions for ages 13-17. This weekly group will be an experiential/process group designed for adolescents to receive support, reduce isolation, and develop healthy relationship skills. This group designed to be a ..."
(615) 933-2628
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Sarah Kmita, Counselor  in Nashville
Young Adult DBT Skills Training Group
Host: Sarah Kmita, LPC
"Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group for women in their late teens to mid 20's. "
(615) 913-5828
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Corey L Emerick, Counselor  in Nashville
DBT Skills Group
Host: Corey L Emerick, LPC, MHSP
"Group members are taught the four modules of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills training: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness. "
(860) 506-3699
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Larkin Oates  in Nashville
Step Parent Support Group
Host: Larkin Oates, MA, MFA
"This support community provides a safe place for step-parents to share their experience of fitting into a pre-formed family system. While step-parenting is a blessing, it has challenges that are less stressful when shared with others having the same experiences. "
(615) 789-8752
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Philip Chanin, Psychologist  in Nashville
Adult Children of Narcissistic Families
Host: Philip Chanin, EdD, ABPP, CGP
"In the narcissistic family, the needs of the parent take precedence over the needs of the daughter. As a result, this child becomes a woman with such personality traits as a lack of self-confidence, a chronic need to please, difficulty ..."
(615) 656-7188
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Terri Baker  in Nashville
Opiate Recovery Group
Host: Terri Baker, MA
"When seeking Opiate addiction treatment through medical treatment providers, state & federal regulations require clients to engage in supportive therapy. I'm offering an Opiate Recovery Group to meet this requirement. I also coordinate & communicate with your medical provider to ..."
(615) 442-7094
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Sharla Mize, Counselor  in Nashville
Host: Sharla Mize, LPC, MHSP
"A skills training group utilizing DBT Skills Training Manual for Substance Use Disorders. Skills for managing urges to use, creating a relapse prevention plan, coping skills and interpersonal skills will be taught an reinforced. "
(615) 412-0045
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37210

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