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Therapy Groups in Morgantown

Host: Ms. Esther S Wilson, MA, NCC
"Feel like you are alone? Wonder how you always end up in troubled relationships? Tired of being controlled by your past? Join a supportive, self-empowerment group for women who have survived trauma through childhood abuse, rape or sexual assault, domestic ..."
Host: Sharon Wegman, MA, NCP, LPC
Host: Jonathan Pishner, MA, LPC, CT
Host: Mr. Michael O'Connor
Host: Ms. Judith Moolten, CSW, PhDc, ST
"This is an ongoing therapy option for individuals, couples and groups - call to arrange a session for our cognitive & somatic hybrid protocol - the EMDR-IBSR Hybrid. "
Host: Mrs. Denise Tonkin, MS, MBA, ALPS

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