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Therapy Groups in Jarrettsville

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Host: Dr. Christina M. Jensema, PsyD
"This individualized Anger Abatement Intervention Program (AAIP) is based on the Governor's Office requirements as well as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) Model and the Duluth Model. Members will gain insight into their communication styles, automatic ..."
Host: Bernadette Mary Wendel, MSW, LCSW-C
Host: Mr. Paul B Sheesley, MA, LCPC, LCADC
"I offer an interpersonal therapy group for MEN only. I offer a free, brief phone interview for all new client's. Group therapy sessions are once weekly and are 60 minute sessions. The group process is 12 weeks in duration with ..."
Host: Mr. Paul B Sheesley, MA, LCPC, LCADC
"This is a therapeutic group for males struggling with sexual addiction, and relationship challenges resulting from sexual addictions. This is a close group and a phone screening will be conducted to determine admission therapeutic fit. Group confidentiality is important to ..."
Host: Mr. Jonathan E Drumgoole, NCC, LCPC
"This is a two part evidenced-based group that deals with the stages of change. Treatment provides some education, but focuses on self-awareness and self-evaluation. Problems solving, improved communication and relapse prevention are addressed in both groups. Teens and their families ..."
Host: Dr. Christina M. Jensema, PsyD
Host: Mr. Jonathan E Drumgoole, NCC, LCPC
"NOW ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS This is an 8 week program with the intent of assisting teens with behavior problems such as cutting. During the group, teens will develop self-confidence, understand different coping strategies and create a coping kit based off ..."
Host: Ms. Katelyn P. Raab, LCSW-C, MSW
"Sharing experiences can assist in decreasing intense emotions that arise. When we are able to open up to others, we see that our situations are often not as unique as we may have imagined. This group is a therapeutic support ..."
Host: Mrs. Susan J Ruckel, MSW, LCSW-C
"I am interested in creating a group for teenagers that revolves around issues such as self-esteem and social skills development. "
Host: Ms. Gerrie Ann Stancik Bender, MSW, LCSW-C
Host: Ms. Linda M Grande, MS, LCPC, CCDC
"Awakenings Women's Group - This group is designed to help women define and create the sexual life that they desire. The group focuses on each participants sexual relationship with herself. The ultimate goal of the group is to improve one's ..."
"This is a confidential psychotherapy group for adults suffering with discomfort around the gender they were assigned at birth, or those considering or currently in the process of transition. Participants must be assessed by a group leader before being invited ..."
Host: Mrs. Kristi Thrailkill, LCSW-C, MSW
"A support group for high school girls, focusing on self-compassion, stress management, and positive peer relationships. High school is a stressful time filled with pressures from all angles--balancing the expectations of parents, teachers, and friends can become overwhelming, and this ..."
Host: Alyssa C Taylor, LCSW-C
"Ahimsa Counseling offers small groups to ensure that each client has time to address their needs. The group is a hybrid of office and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions. Clients will learn to recognize triggers and relapse warning signs, develop healthy ..."
Host: Dr. Sarah Brager, PsyD
"I run 8-week social skills groups for children and adolescents. Skills addressed include basic social skills, such as introducing yourself, beginning and ending a conversation, joining in, and others. These groups are a great opportunity for children and adolescents who ..."
Host: Tina C. Chadwick, MS, LCPC
"This group serves to provide support and skills to girls between the ages of 14 and 17. We discuss issues such as self esteem, family problems, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and stress, body image, peer pressure, fitting in, and school ..."
Host: Nikki Lovelace, MS, LCPC
"This group is designed for women and young ladies to come together to lend support, form new relationships, and increase overall social functioning. If interested please e-mail me at to sign up! "

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