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Treatment Orientation

Therapy Groups in Pitt County

Host: Dr. David Bell, PhD, LMFT, LCAS, CAMS, CTS
"The Center provides a caring and warm atmosphere to help individuals and families talk about important areas in their lives. We have a diverse clinical staff to help with counseling and medication needs. Call anytime between 8am-5pm. Our intake coordinator ..."
Host: Dr. Leon Johnson, DBC, MA, LPC-S, LPC, NCC
"Hi, my name is Dr. Leon Johnson and we are excited about your decision to join our group. We specialize in mood disorders, anger management and trauma/PTSD. Please call the office to schedule your initial appointment to begin the healing ..."
Host: Mrs. Gale Batts Shiver, BA, MS, LCAS
"We offer DWI Assessments and groups based on the clients needs. This includes ADETS, Short Term and Long Term treatment groups. Let us assist you in meeting Legal requirements by offering you groups in a relaxed supportive environment. We offer ..."

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