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Therapy Groups in Broward County

S. Baez, Psychiatrist  in Plantation
Mindfulness/Wellness Program
Host: S. Baez, MD
"Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation focus on becoming aware of all incoming thoughts and feelings and accepting them, but not attaching or reacting to them. Adults only "
(954) 358-3128
Group meets in:
Plantation, Florida 33324
Bet Shaddinger, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Pompano Beach
Grief Recovery Support Group
Host: Bet Shaddinger, LMFT, NCC, CHt, Certifi, Grief
"This powerful and dynamic experience is the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plan available for recovery from loss. It's a combination of experiential and educational components dealing with concepts of grief, recovery, how incomplete loss occurs, identifying losses, and moving beyond. ..."
(609) 778-4701
Group meets in:
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
Anxiety Treatment Clinic, Treatment Facility  in Fort Lauderdale
Overcoming Worry: Support and Treatment Group
Host: Anxiety Treatment Clinic
"Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by excessive worry about everyday situations (i.e. work, health, finances, relationships, death, etc.) which interferes with daily life. Living with GAD can be emotionally as well as physically draining causing difficulty sleeping, excessive fatigue, ..."
(754) 227-3673
Group meets in:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305
Lisa Saponaro, Psychologist  in Plantation
Depression, Anxiety, & Mindfulness
Host: Lisa Saponaro, PhD
"Registration for weekly groups for depression, anxiety and mindfulness are now open. Groups consist of a brief educational piece related to the specific topic, followed by discussion. Cognitive-Behavioral interventions and mindfulness skills will be taught. Connect with individual who share ..."
(954) 590-0501
Group meets in:
Plantation, Florida 33324
Colleen Kastner, Counselor  in Davie
Meditation and Art Therapy Workshops
Host: Colleen Kastner, MA, LMHC
"Learn how to relax and de-stress with these fun workshops utilizing meditation and art. No artistic skill is required! Workshops are held monthly in Davie, Florida. Space is limited so advance booking is recommended. Upcoming dates are Saturday, February 28th, ..."
(954) 501-0242
Group meets in:
Davie, Florida 33328
Nathalie Duque Bello, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Hollywood
Women's Self-Empowerment Group
Host: Nathalie Duque Bello, PhD, LMFT
(954) 371-0259
Group meets in:
Hollywood, Florida 33026
Bruce Michael Hyman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Lauderhill
Adult OCD Support Group
Host: Bruce Michael Hyman, PhD, LCSW
"This is a free support group for adult patients with OCD and their partners/family members. Confidentiality is required. Patients must have a primary diagnosis of OCD or related OCD spectrum disorder (Trichotillomania, body dysmorphic disorder). "
(954) 399-6969 x2
Group meets in:
Lauderhill, Florida 33313
Simone Finnis, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Fort Lauderdale
Teen Life Skills and Relapse Prevention Group
Host: Simone Finnis, MS, LMFT
"This 5 week group will help your teen deal with issues related to high risk behaviors such as substance use, sexuality, and teen violence/bullying. In this group teens learn how to manage stress, improve coping skills, gain more confidence and ..."
(754) 333-6615
Group meets in:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33328
Maribel Del Rio-Roberts, Psychologist  in Cooper City
The Center for Psychological Fitness
Host: Maribel Del Rio-Roberts, PsyD
"Focusing on psycho-educational, psychological, and psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and families. Areas of specialization include autism, developmental evaluation, infant mental health, ADHD,gifted and talented, learning disabilites, parent training, and foster care. "
(954) 434-1886
Group meets in:
Cooper City, Florida 33328
Milestones Eating Disorder Program, Treatment Facility  in Hollywood
Host: Milestones Eating Disorder Program
(855) 545-7204
Group meets in:
Hollywood, Florida 33026
Lisa Smith,   in Fort Lauderdale
Group Healing with Hypnosis
Host: Lisa Smith, PhD, MA, CHT
"Renewing the mind, body, spirit connection with innovation techniques to overcome psychological issues from past traumas resulting from victimization and various types of abuse. Call or signup on our website: 954.678.4125. "
(954) 320-0128
Group meets in:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Maria Sue Butler, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Hollywood
Anger Management
Host: Maria Sue Butler, LMFT, DOAM
"Skills building interventions have been extremely successful in decreasing the negative effects of anger. At ART, clients learn to identify, develop and apply effective skills that reduce anger immediately!! It's not enough to TALK about what to do, but to PRACTICE ..."
(954) 526-9627
Group meets in:
Hollywood, Florida 33024
Lisa Zucker, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Hollywood
Bereaved Parents of Adult Children
Host: Lisa Zucker, MSW, LCSW, CT
"Space is limited. Register at er . Eight week structured therapeutic group with specific educational and therapeutic topics. This is a closed group, meaning members should commit to the full eight weeks and new members can only start during ..."
(954) 417-3251
Group meets in:
Hollywood, Florida 33021
Laurie Norman, Counselor  in Coconut Creek
Equestrian Assisted Groups for Children & Adults
Host: Laurie Norman, LMHC, RPT-S
"Many theories exist about the benefits of a horse; however, research proves that simply petting a horse causes our brain waves to calm. Equine-assisted activities can build skills in non-verbal communication, self-awareness, focus, cooperation, boundaries, friendships, respect, empathy, impulse control, ..."
(561) 463-3019
Group meets in:
Coconut Creek, Florida 33073
Tom Wasik, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Wilton Manors
The Next Right Step
Host: Tom Wasik, MFA, LCSW
"An experiential group utilizing psychodrama whose aim is to "Know Thyself" in service of identifying where we are, where we want to be, and what gets in the way. The sense of community resulting from a cohesive group assists in ..."
(631) 721-4140
Group meets in:
Wilton Manors, Florida 33305
Autumn Hahn, Counselor  in Weston
Bullying Prevention & Resiliency
Host: Autumn Hahn, LMHC, CHt
"Never again be the one picked on! For former victims of bullying, this group builds resiliency, clears the trauma of the bullying experience, teaches skills and self-esteem, and makes a young person stronger. "
(954) 871-2607
Group meets in:
Weston, Florida 33331
Anxiety Treatment Clinic, Treatment Facility  in Fort Lauderdale
Overcoming Panic: Support and Treatment Group
Host: Anxiety Treatment Clinic
"This group provides the necessary tools and strategies to cope and overcome panic symptoms and live anxiety-free. Living with panic is a daily struggle and extremely debilitating. Individuals avoid situations that trigger their anxiety including shopping centers, grocery stores, long ..."
(754) 227-3673
Group meets in:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33305
Susan V Block, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Coral Springs
Cooking Class for Couples on Feb. 25, 2015
Host: Susan V Block, MS, LMFT
"On 2/25/15 join a tasty, fun, cooking class with your partner or spouse. Learn how to cook together while staying connected as a couple. This class is great for new parents, empty nesters or new to the area and looking ..."
(754) 227-6005
Group meets in:
Coral Springs, Florida 33071
Carol L Clark, Counselor  in Fort Lauderdale
Men's Recovery Group
Host: Carol L Clark, PhD, LMHC, CAP
"For men in recovery from sex addiction. Closed group. Please call if you are struggling to change your life. "
(305) 741-5969
Group meets in:
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Irene Dejtiar Eisenstein, Counselor  in Pembroke Pines
"8 Mujeres,8 Sesiones,8 Temas"....
Host: Irene Dejtiar Eisenstein, LMHC, MS, Supervi
"El objetivo del grupo es ayudar a identificar y enfrentar las barreras emocionales que impiden el crecimiento personal y desarrollar positivas relaciones interpersonales. Nuevo grupo comienza Enero 12,2012. "
(305) 240-6781
Group meets in:
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026
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Broward County Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Broward County counseling groups, Broward County support groups, Broward County mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Broward County support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Broward County to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.
What to expect in a Broward County group?
In a professionally operated support group in Broward County, members provide each other with various types of help for a particular shared issue. The help takes the form of relating personal experiences and listening to and accepting others' experiences. Broward County group members may also provide a sympathetic understanding and a social network.

Group Therapists or group counselors lead or facilitate the group and provide group counseling in Broward County. They are sometimes specifically trained in group dynamics and the understanding of small group processes. So 'interpersonal learning', which can involve unfiltered feedback and confrontation between group members (and can be threatening) is safely moderated by the group therapist or group counselor in Broward County.

What's the difference between individual and group therapy?