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Self-Harming Therapy Groups in Washington (WA)
Cutting, Trichotillomania, Hair Pulling

Jeanne West, Counselor  in Marysville
Host: Jeanne West, MA, LMHCA
"Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills group offered Tuesday evenings. Sliding scale available from $10-$40 per DBT session. "
(360) 529-5048
Group meets in:
Marysville, Washington 98270
Stephenie Hansen, Counselor  in Renton
DBT Skills for Families of Teens that self harm
Host: Stephenie Hansen, MACP, LMHCA
"This group is specifically designed for 12-18 year old adolescents who have or are currently self-harming and their immediate family members. No siblings younger that 12 please. Adolescents must have individual DBT therapist as well. ( a referral list will ..."
(206) 745-3520
Group meets in:
Renton, Washington 98057
Elizabeth A Snyder, Counselor  in Bellingham
Multifamily Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group
Host: Elizabeth A Snyder, MS, LMHC
"As part of a full fidelity DBT program we offer a multifamily DBT group for adolescents and parents/caregivers. We also provide a young adult group. "
(360) 734-5552
Group meets in:
Bellingham, Washington 98225
Ryan Ferguson, Counselor  in Federal Way
"DBT Skills Group for adults (18+) begins April 16,2014 from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Group is limited to 6 persons. Clients must call beforehand to be screened as potential members. Group is 12 weeks to complete entire sequence. Modules to be studied are: ..."
(360) 639-4831
Group meets in:
Federal Way, Washington 98003
Teenage Girl Support Group
Host: Jodi S. Murray, MA, LMHCA, CDPT
"Teen support group for girls overcoming challenges including - self-harm behavior, anxiety, depression, peer/family conflict, abuse, grief/loss, anger, substance use, and eating disorder issues, Focus of group will be on communication skills, self-esteem, personal empowerment, expressing emotions, and interpersonal skills. ..."
(509) 774-2893
Group meets in:
Wenatchee, Washington 98801
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Christopher Franklin, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Renton
Group Therapy for Sex Addicts and Partners
Host: Christopher Franklin, MS, LMFT
"I am a practitioner of LifeSTAR Washington, which is a nationally recognized 3-Phase group therapy program for people with pornography or sex addictions, as well as their partners. Phase 1 is once a week for 3 hours, for 6 consecutive ..."
(253) 655-7905
Group meets in:
Renton, Washington 98057
Sean Patrick Hatt, Psychologist  in Seattle
Zen Practice Group
Host: Sean Patrick Hatt, PhD
"I will be offering a weekly early morning drop-in Zen practice group in 2014. Please e-mail me if you want more information. Experienced practitioners and beginners welcome. We will follow the basic form according to Aitken Roshi: two 25-minute sitting ..."
(206) 745-0623
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98103
Coping Skills Groups (DBT)
Host: Avalon Center
"Experiencing ups and downs of anger, irritability? Nothing to look forward to? Feeling isolated from others? Things not going right? Overwhelmed by distress? Solution: learn mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance in a small group. Come to the ..."
(206) 455-7302
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98136
Stacy Schilter, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Olympia
Dialectical Behavior Therapy focused on Disordered
Host: Stacy Schilter, MA, LMFT, CEDS
"The Dialectical Behavior Therapy group is a closed skills training group focused on Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Participants learn skills for coping effectively and are encouraged to identify target behaviors they would like to eliminate from ..."
(360) 284-4316
Group meets in:
Olympia, Washington 98501
Shipowick-Smith Counseling & Postive Living Ctr., Treatment Facility  in Wenatchee
Intensive Outpatient
Host: Shipowick-Smith Counseling & Postive Living Ctr.
"Intensive Outpatient services those needing group therapy on an oupatient basis. Group size varies from 3-10 people and the focus is recovery oriented. We offer both morning and evening groups 4 days per week. "
(509) 774-5524
Group meets in:
Wenatchee, Washington 98801
Jennifer Gross, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Everett
"This is a training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills training. It includes 3 major modules: Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Emotion Regulation. Mindfulness training is a core element and taught in each module. Each module is broken down into ..."
(253) 245-1884
Group meets in:
Everett, Washington 98208
Emily Whitish, Counselor  in Seattle
Get On Really Living Therapy Group
Host: Emily Whitish, MA, LMHC, CMHS
"Is your life is on hold because anxiety, depression, illness, addiction or pain (or work, or family, or relationships, or...) has become the central focus? We will identify your core struggles, parse these into manageable pieces, and develop ways to ..."
(206) 743-9879
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98107
David J Kosins, Psychologist  in Seattle
Panic Support Group
Host: David J Kosins, PhD
"Monthly Support Group for adults in cognitive-behavioral treatment for Panic Disorder (with or without Agoraphobia). Size: 3-8 members. Where appropriate, members are encouraged to assist one another with exposure practices between sessions. Meeting for approx. 10 years. Discounts available for ..."
(253) 248-4277
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98119
Lisa Fladager,   in Langley
Introduction to the Practice of Authentic Movement
Host: Lisa Fladager, MCAT, LMHC, R-DMT, CMA
"Bringing consciousness and the body together in a friendly way is a developmental journey, one that richly rewards those who travel this path. Here we focus on the origins, the ground form, and some applications of Authentic Movement. Group size ..."
(360) 727-6655
Group meets in:
Langley, Washington 98260
Barbara J Brown, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Anderson Island
Personal Transformation Intensive
Host: Barbara J Brown, MSW, LICSW, ACH
"This is a personal and spiritual program which meets one weekend a month for five months. Each monthly meeting is in a retreat setting and has a different theme addressing specific issues. Benefits you will reap include: increased self-awareness, release ..."
(425) 654-0608 x204
Group meets in:
Anderson Island, Washington 98303
Heather Wind, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Seattle
Pregnancy Support Group
Host: Heather Wind, MSW, LICSW
"Starting in December, a facilitated group is being offered to provide a unique community of support to pregnant women. Whether this is your first child or you have been through several pregnancies before, this group is designed with you in ..."
(206) 569-6954
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98102
Laura Ahn, Counselor  in Seattle
"An 8-session interactive workshop to help you navigate Seattle's social landscape in a meaningful way. Tuesdays April 1 - May 27, 2014 (1 mid-session break TBD) 7 - 8:30PM @ 2100 Westlake Ave N, Seattle (South Lake Union). Cost: $360 ..."
(206) 552-8899
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98109
Don Baker, Counselor  in Seattle
"Every Life Strategies Group is a learning (and working) experience. Together we explore the latest research findings about the ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Readings and discussions are focused to help each group member more fully understand their ADHD diagnosis. In ..."
(206) 745-4732
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98109
Jessica Butts, Counselor  in Bellevue
Infidelity Group Therapy
Host: Jessica Butts, MA, LMHCA, MBTI
"I specialize in relationship issues and infidelity in my private practice and I know how scary and isolating infidelity can be in a marriage. I am excited to offer Group Sessions on Infidelity for those seeking support, understanding and want ..."
(425) 336-2895
Group meets in:
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Kathleen King, Counselor  in Seattle
Partners of individuals on the spectrum
Host: Kathleen King, PhD, LMHC
"This group is an on-going support group for partners of individuals on the autism spectrum. The purpose of the following groups is to provide loved ones of individuals with ASD with a safe place to gain support, validation, ideas, and ..."
(206) 659-6656
Group meets in:
Seattle, Washington 98103

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Therapy Groups: 1 to 5

Self-Harming (Cutting, Trichotillomania, Hair Pulling) Therapy Groups
Self-harm (SH) or deliberate self-harm (DSH) is the deliberate infliction of damage to your own body. It includes cutting, burning, scratching, banging or hitting yourself, interfering with wound healing, hair-pulling (trichotillomania) and the ingestion of toxic substances or objects. While self injury (SI) can look like suicide, it's not; most people who mutilate themselves do it as a way to regulate mood. People who hurt themselves in this way may be motivated by a need to distract themselves from inner turmoil, or to quickly release anxiety that builds due to an inability to express intense emotions.

If you're looking for help with self-harming in Washington (WA) or for someone who self harms, or cuts themselves, or bangs or hits themselves, these Washington (WA) Therapy Groups provide counseling for self harming in Washington (WA). They include Therapy Groups, who understand self harming in Washington (WA), psychologists and counselors. They can provide self harming counseling in Washington (WA) or treatment for self harming, treatment for trichotillomiania in Washington (WA) or hair pulling in Washington (WA). pulling hair out, Washington (WA) trichotillomania, skin picking and dematillomania.

If you're looking for help with trichotillomania in Washington (WA) or for a Washington (WA) trichotillomania Therapy Group these professionals provide therapy for trichotillomania.

Washington (WA) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Washington (WA) counseling groups, Washington (WA) support groups, Washington (WA) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Washington (WA) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Washington (WA) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.