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Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy Groups in Utah (UT)
Intracranial Injury

Thomas G. Harrison, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Salt Lake City
Women and Men sexual abuse survivors.
Host: Thomas G. Harrison, MSW, CSW, LCSW, MFT
Traumatic Brain Injury
(801) 895-4884
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
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Susie Briggs, Counselor  in Layton
Changes Individual and Relational Therapy
Host: Susie Briggs, MS, CMHC
"Our treatment modality is intervention based, solution focused and goal driven. Our therapist will address your concerns and help you identify your goals to experience lasting change. "
(801) 701-8985
Group meets in:
Layton, Utah 84041
Draper Psychological Services, Psychologist  in Draper
Dealing with Trauma
Host: Draper Psychological Services
"This group is designed for those who have been through trauma and is extended to those who are close to someone who has been through trauma and area also affected. As a burn survivor, Sage Volkman, facilitator, has a first-hand ..."
(801) 784-2386
Group meets in:
Draper, Utah 84020
Wayne Sears, Counselor  in American Fork
Prime for Life
Host: Wayne Sears, CMHC
"Prime for Life is an educational class that covers a variety of topics related to substance abuse. This class also fulfills the Utah Courts' DUI education course requirement. "
(801) 921-8545
Group meets in:
American Fork, Utah 84003
Stan Sullivan, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Saint George
Recovering Couples
Host: Stan Sullivan, LCSW, CSAT, EMDR, NLP
"For recovering couples to continue their growth and learning as they work to establish healthy connection and intimacy within their relationships. "
(435) 363-3573
Group meets in:
Saint George, Utah 84770
Dr. Jonathan Swinton, PhD, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Salt Lake City
Free relationship communication seminars
Host: Dr. Jonathan Swinton, PhD, LMFT
"Dr. Swinton provides free relationship seminars on the second Thursday of each month. To reserve a spot in the seminars, simply contact Dr. Swinton, or visit our website. "
(801) 657-5312
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
Marcia Tanner Thompson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Saint George
Caregiver Strain
Host: Marcia Tanner Thompson, ACSW, LCSW
"This will be a group consisting of adults who are responsible for the care of people with mental or physical illnesses. I will provide a confidential environment for these individuals to speak freely of their concerns and frustrations. At the ..."
(801) 803-6305
Group meets in:
Saint George, Utah 84790
Joe Dennis, Counselor  in Saratoga Springs
Substance Use Education - Teens
Host: Joe Dennis, MA, ACMHC
"This group focuses on educating its members on the effects of different drugs on the body. Substance use and a variety of problem solving and ethics-related scenarios are discussed as a group. "
(801) 206-9889
Group meets in:
Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045
Marilynn Rockelman, Counselor  in Murray
Host: Marilynn Rockelman, LPC, MMHC, CMHC, LPC
"Psychotherapy and support group for women who have someone incarcerated or have been incarcerated themselves. "
(801) 810-2769
Group meets in:
Murray, Utah 84121
Life Enhancement Center, Treatment Facility  in Provo
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Host: Life Enhancement Center
"Led by a licensed counselor, this group is an experiential, dynamic, and applied process that helps adolescents develop self-esteem and skills to live clean and sober lives. "
(801) 790-0242
Group meets in:
Provo, Utah 84604
Star Guides Wilderness, Treatment Facility  in Saint George
Sexual Offenses Track
Host: Star Guides Wilderness
"Few behaviors can be as potentially devastating to a young person's future as sexual offending. The ramifications carry long lasting negative consequences. For youth and young adults in this situation, STAR Guides delivers the most impactful, life-changing therapeutic experience available ..."
(866) 291-1961
Group meets in:
Saint George, Utah 84770
Kelly Morse, Counselor  in Centerville
Host: Kelly Morse, LPC
(801) 855-6749
Group meets in:
Centerville, Utah 84014
Recovery Help, Treatment Facility  in Holladay
Intentional IOP
Host: Recovery Help
"Intense Outpatient program is designed for individuals who need a high level of care. Typically post detox or post residential. You'll learn and become proficient with our 8 Essentials for "Intentional Recovery" plus master "early recovery skills." Your Licensed Therapist ..."
(866) 381-2591 x2
Group meets in:
Holladay, Utah 84117
Stephanie Voigt, Psychologist  in Salt Lake City
Parenting from the Inside Out
Host: Stephanie Voigt, PsyD, NCC
"Parenting from the Inside Out is a group for parents who feel like they are struggling with their children. This group is designed to allow parents to support each other in their struggles, as well as learn new methods and ..."
(801) 894-9158
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
The Center for MindBody Health, Treatment Facility  in Salt Lake City
Living Life
Host: The Center for MindBody Health
"This is a group for people who have concerns about important relationships in their life, who need more support, who want to be supportive of others and who want time to explore their thoughts and feelings. We hope to establish ..."
(801) 528-6642
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
Aspire Independent Counseling Professionals, Treatment Facility  in Layton
Positive Discipline Parenting Class
Host: Aspire Independent Counseling Professionals
"In this class you will learn why children misbehave. You will also learn specific, non-punitive methods to help solve problems such as; fighting, chores, responsibilities, homework, bedtime, sharing, mealtime, getting up and off to school without nagging, and back talk. ..."
(801) 528-6676
Group meets in:
Layton, Utah 84041
David B. Tate, Psychologist  in Saint George
"Dr. Tate is a certified MBSR instructor. Most MBSR graduates report: Lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms; significant reductions in chronic pain; increased energy; improved sleep; greater ability to relax and cope effectively with stressful situations; more life-satisfaction, inner ..."
(435) 527-7085
Group meets in:
Saint George, Utah 84770
Dwight Hurst, Counselor  in Layton
Substance Abuse Groups
Host: Dwight Hurst, LPC
"Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents. Adolescent Introduction to Sobriety Group, Relapse Prevention (ongoing group), and Substance Abuse Assessment (SASSI) for court ordered screening. "
(801) 658-0426
Group meets in:
Layton, Utah 84041
Clair Mellenthin, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Salt Lake City
Positive Parenting During and After Divorce
Host: Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S
"Learn how to use Positive Parenting and effective, healthy ways to co-parent during and following divorce. This workshop will focus on: - how to tell your children - how to engage in live after divorce - how to co-parent during and after divorce "
(801) 895-4343
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
Machiel P Klerk, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Salt Lake City
Dream Work Group
Host: Machiel P Klerk, LMFT
"There is a quarterly group in which the group members work on their dreams. Dreams have proven to trigger the inner healing response and can be very effective ways of connecting with one's own life path. "
(801) 784-1400
Group meets in:
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

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Therapy Group: 1 to 1

Traumatic Brain Injury (Intracranial Injury) Therapy Groups
Help for Brain Trauma in Utah (UT) or Utah (UT) Brain Injury

Brain function is disrupted in unpredictable ways by brain injury following an accident, surgery or coma. Symptoms of brain trauma may involve sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, faulty judgment, depression, irritability, emotional outbursts, disturbed sleep, difficulty multi-tasking and 'thinking'.

If you're looking for help for someone with a brain trauma in Utah (UT) or for an Utah (UT) brain trauma Therapy Group, these professionals provide counseling for brain trauma victims or for the family or carer of someone with a brain injury in Utah (UT). They include experienced Utah (UT) brain trauma Therapy Groups, psychologists and counselors. These professionals can help adults with brain trauma recovery as well as adolescents and children with brain injuries. And they may be able to help refer you to relevant rehabilitation facilities in Utah (UT).

Utah (UT) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Utah (UT) counseling groups, Utah (UT) support groups, Utah (UT) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Utah (UT) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Utah (UT) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.