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Trauma and PTSD Therapy Groups in Texas (TX)
Post-Traumatic Stress

Tami Hendrix, Counselor  in Arlington
Arlington Counseling Group
Host: Tami Hendrix, MA, LPC
"Women Empowerment "
Trauma and PTSD
(817) 385-9116
Group meets in:
Arlington, Texas 76017
Enod Gray, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Houston
Facing the Trauma of Sex Addiction
Host: Enod Gray, LCSW, CSAT-S, CGP
"This therapy group focuses on the issues involved in being married/partnered with someone who has a sexual addiction. A trauma resolution format is used. Screening is required before admission to group. "
Trauma and PTSD
(713) 338-9083
Group meets in:
Houston, Texas 77027
Jamie Dee Heavey, Counselor  in Dallas
Art Therapy Group
Host: Jamie Dee Heavey, MA, LPC, ATR
"Clients enjoy the creative process and benefit from art therapy. Art is used as a safe way to express thoughts and feelings when there may be a problem articulating them in a verbal context. Clients may have various problems which ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(972) 776-2946
Group meets in:
Dallas, Texas 75218
Connie M. Siciliano Avila, Counselor  in Seabrook
Trauma Recovery 101
Host: Connie M. Siciliano Avila, PhD, LPC-S
"This group is a combination of psycho-education, process, and coping skills. You will need to participate in individual therapy and utilize your therapist for support while attending this group. If you need a therapist, then call me to discuss your ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(214) 830-9879
Group meets in:
Seabrook, Texas 77586
Christian Counseling of Texas, Counselor  in Fort Worth
Rachel Ministries: Healing After Abortion
Host: Christian Counseling of Texas
"Rachel Ministries in Fort Worth provides Hope and Healing After Abortion through weekend retreats, weekly group meetings and counseling. Please go to the Rachel Ministries web page- "
Trauma and PTSD
(817) 718-7100
Group meets in:
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Priscilla Elliott, Counselor  in Austin
Waiting list in place
Host: Priscilla Elliott, MA, LPC
Trauma and PTSD
(512) 879-9832
Group meets in:
Austin, Texas 78745
Deena Harbaugh, Counselor  in Dallas
Child Sexual Abuse - Women
Host: Deena Harbaugh, MS, LPC, LPCS
"This is a group for adult women who were sexually abused as children. "
Trauma and PTSD
(469) 892-8917
Group meets in:
Dallas, Texas 75206
Meggan Watson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Houston
DBT Teen Intensive Outpatient Program
Host: Meggan Watson, LCSW
"DBT skills training is beneficial in teaching teens the necessary tools to build a life worth living. Many teens struggle with reactivity to intense emotions, impulsivity, low motivation, low self-worth, difficulty making friends and maintaining relationships, poor problem solving skills, ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(281) 305-0788
Group meets in:
Houston, Texas 77024
Steven E. Bailley, Psychologist  in Houston
Suicide Bereavement Therapy Group
Host: Steven E. Bailley, PhD
"Grief after suicide presents unique difficulties and challenges. In this group, members offer support and are guided in the process of healing from this devastating trauma. This group is therapeutic in nature (e.g., teaching adaptive coping skills, self-regulation skills, trauma-based ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(713) 338-9281 x1
Group meets in:
Houston, Texas 77057
Chris T Lorenc, Counselor  in Dallas
Sex Addiction Recovery Group
Host: Chris T Lorenc, MS, LPC, NCC, CSAT
"This group is for sex addicts and is a recovery group focused on accountability, healing and honesty. The group requires weekly attendance and will explore the origins of sex addiction, the damage done from the disease, and the healing process ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(972) 891-9820
Group meets in:
Dallas, Texas 75254
Louise Ribeiro Presley, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Houston
Women's group starting February, 24 2014
Host: Louise Ribeiro Presley, LCSW, PhD
"A Group for Five to Seven Women to work on Consequences of Loss and/or Trauma. Free individual meeting to meet the therapist, get answers to your questions, and decide about participation and goals. Members commit for 12 weeks, evaluate their ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(734) 274-6583
Group meets in:
Houston, Texas 77058
Naomi Rosborough, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Houston
Early Days
Host: Naomi Rosborough, LPC, LMFT, CGP
"This is a monthly support group for newly licensed Professionals (5 years or less) and will offer Consultation and Professional Development for all areas of private practice with a special focus on transference and countertransference concerns. Clinical case presentations are ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(713) 338-9021
Group meets in:
Houston, Texas 77098
Theresa Kellam, Psychologist  in Fort Worth
PTSD Groups for Veterans and Veteran's Families
Host: Theresa Kellam, PhD, HSP
"This group is for veterans dealing with issues related to PTSD. The group will meet weekly for 2 hours. A schedule will determined once 10 people have agreed to attend. There are several options available for veterans including all male ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(817) 203-3846
Group meets in:
Fort Worth, Texas 76120
Lucy K Ziegler, Counselor  in Boerne
Adults Molested As Children
Host: Lucy K Ziegler, MA, LPC, LLC
"The consequences of Childhood Trauma are normal reactions to abnormal events. This Group helps identify and process those emotional, mental and physical consequences so that more adaptive coping skills can be developed and the survivor can begin to make choices ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(210) 468-8271
Group meets in:
Boerne, Texas 78006
Elizabeth Jayne Davis, Counselor  in Rockwall
Women Healing from Betrayal - Spring 2014
Host: Elizabeth Jayne Davis, MA, LPC
"If you are a woman and are in need of healing from a spouse's affair, sexual acting out, or sexual addiction - this group is for you. Please call Elizabeth's office for an intake phone interview at 469-698-2250. Now accepting ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(469) 518-6207
Group meets in:
Rockwall, Texas 75087
Kim Robinson, Psychologist  in Wichita Falls
Uncluttering your home, mind and life
Host: Kim Robinson, PhD
Trauma and PTSD
(940) 257-2349
Group meets in:
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
Janice Caudill, Psychologist  in Mckinney
Married and Alone: Living with Intimacy Anorexia
Host: Janice Caudill, PhD, SRT, CSAT, SEP, CCPS
"Therapeutic work group for women seeking to heal from a relationship in which their mate actively withholds emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy. Provides information, peer support, feedback, coping skills and relationship boundaries practice. "
Trauma and PTSD
(972) 540-9996
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75071
Audrey M Steinle, Counselor  in Richardson
FitWyr(fitness) + Skills Training for Anxiety
Host: Audrey M Steinle, LPC-S, NCC, BCPCC
"Skills Training+FitWyr is a 2 hour weekly group- You practice new skills each week in session-teaching you how to be Mindful, Regulate Emotions, Tolerate Distress and to be Interpersonally Effective. Skills are practiced once prior to intensive workout and once ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(214) 717-6757
Group meets in:
Richardson, Texas 75080
Carey Boodell  in Deer Park
Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Host: Carey Boodell, MA, LPC-I
"The Wounded Heart Group. Tired of feeling victimized and ashamed? Ready to overcome the past? Prepare for an intensely personal step-by-step journey of change. With courage, honesty, and help, you'll confront the truth of sexual abuse; understand your fears; and ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(281) 542-3999
Group meets in:
Deer Park, Texas 77536
Elisha Bidwell, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Austin
Sensational Kids, Wise Bodies
Host: Elisha Bidwell, LMFTA
"Using a trauma-sensitive approach, this group for 6-8 year olds incorporates playful guided relaxation and grounding exercises, somatic mindfulness games, connection with nature, and integrative sandtray processing to help kids: 1) Develop self-regulation skills 2) Strengthen body awareness and intuition ..."
Trauma and PTSD
(512) 865-6217
Group meets in:
Austin, Texas 78736

Trauma and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress) Therapy Groups
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological reaction that occurs after an extremely stressful event, such as physical violence or military combat. Those suffering from PTSD have recurring memories of the stressful event and are anxious or scared even in the absence of danger. Flashbacks and nightmares are common symptoms as well.

If you're looking for help with PTSD in Texas (TX) or for a Texas (TX) PTSD Therapy Group these professionals provide PTSD therapy and PTSD treatment. They include PTSD Therapy Groups, PTSD psychologists, PTSD psychotherapists and PTSD counselors. They can help with all aspects of post traumatic stress disorder in Texas (TX), PTSD symptoms, veterans PTSD and PTSD children.

If you're looking for help with trauma Group Therapy in Texas (TX) or for a Texas (TX) trauma Therapy Group these professionals provide trauma therapy, trauma treatment and Texas (TX) trauma counseling. They include trauma Therapy Groups, trauma psychologists and trauma counselors. They can help with Texas (TX) trauma symptoms, veterans trauma and trauma children.

Texas (TX) Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Texas (TX) counseling groups, Texas (TX) support groups, Texas (TX) mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Texas (TX) support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Texas (TX) to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.