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Self-Harming Therapy Groups in Collin County
Cutting, Trichotillomania, Hair Pulling

Lacy Barlow, Counselor  in Dallas
Girl Talk
Host: Lacy Barlow, MA, LPC-S
"This group focuses on helping teen girls improve their overall self esteem. Issues addressed are bullying, body image, and self-harm. "
(214) 516-7401
Group meets in:
Dallas, Texas 75252
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Jason S Berman, Psychologist  in Plano
Personal Growth Group for Anxiety and Depression
Host: Jason S Berman, PhD, CGP
"This group is for men and women who want to grow and learn about themselves in relationship to others. People in therapeutic groups often experience freedom from anxiety, depression, and isolation overtime. I am a nationally certified group psychotherapist and ..."
(972) 885-6571
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75075
Kevin D Curry, Counselor  in Frisco
Pornogrphy Recovery
Host: Kevin D Curry, MEd, LPC, BCPC, CART
"The group is focuses on the use of a spiritual basis and behavioral modification to halt sexual viewing impulses that are harmful to the individual and his family. "
(972) 457-3086
Group meets in:
Frisco, Texas 75034
Ardis Lo  in Mckinney
Social Skills Group for Children
Host: Ardis Lo, MS, LPC, I
"Powerful Social Skills groups available for Boys and Girls from ages 5 to 12. Provides for members, in a natural environment, an opportunity to share with others in similar circumstances. Members will learn how to build successful relationships with others ..."
(469) 629-7291
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75069
Janice Caudill, Psychologist  in Mckinney
Married and Alone: Living with Intimacy Anorexia
Host: Janice Caudill, PhD, SRT, CSAT, SEP, CCPS
"Therapeutic work group for women seeking to heal from a relationship in which their mate actively withholds emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy. Provides information, peer support, feedback, coping skills and relationship boundaries practice. "
(972) 540-9996
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75071
Laura R Knowles  in Plano
Designing Young Women: Mentoring Teen Girls
Host: Laura R Knowles, MA, MS, PhD, LPC, Intern
"This group will begin in June. The young women will discuss issues important to successful navigation of of young adulthood including values clarification, college and career planning, alcohol and drug abuse, dating violence, sexual boundary setting, assertiveness, body image, communicating ..."
(972) 885-6435
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75024
Judy M Baker, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Dallas
Women's Issues Group
Host: Judy M Baker, BS, LCDC
"In a women's issues group or workshop, you will learn to increase your self confidence, understanding of control, relaxation, assertiveness, and positive thinking. During our journey in the group, I will provide you with creative tools to gain insight. You ..."
(214) 307-8698
Group meets in:
Dallas, Texas 75252
Nancy Davidson, Psychologist  in Plano
Davidson Counseling Group - 'Tweens
Host: Nancy Davidson, MA, PhD
"Help for you and your 'tween that is practice and effective! We counsel 'tweens by working as a team with both parents and child. Our mission is to clearly identify the problems, develop a treatment plan that fits the family ..."
(972) 325-5488
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75024
Access Counseling Group, Treatment Facility  in Plano
Family Education Program
Host: Access Counseling Group
"Every other Saturday morning, Access Counseling Group offers a family education program for anyone wanting to learn more about addiction, recovery, self-care, boundaries, etc. Please call ahead to RSVP and obtain pricing information. "
(972) 360-9422
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75074
Jeana C Herndon, Counselor  in Mckinney
Eating Disorder Support Group
Host: Jeana C Herndon, MA, NCC, LPC
"This group will all you to 1)Identify feelings about your self-esteem & body image. 2) Identify dysfunctional family patterns and faulty cognitive beliefs about food in your family of origin 3) Learn to overcome these cognitive beliefs that have kept ..."
(972) 316-9603
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75071
Rochelle M Ritzi, Counselor  in Mckinney
Divorce Group For Women
Host: Rochelle M Ritzi, MS, LPC, RPT
"A powerful and healing experience for women going through or have been through a divorce. This group will focus on healing as well as the practical needs that women face when dealing with divorce. "
(214) 838-7257
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75069
Karen S Tyndall, Counselor  in Plano
Parenting with Successful Strategies
Host: Karen S Tyndall, BA, MA, LPC
"Parenting Made Easy... learn the necessary tools that help your children want to listen and change their unhealthy behaviors. Make parenting more enjoyable and rewarding for the whole family! 1. Learn what really works and how to change behavior... 2. Build ..."
(972) 360-8866
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75075
Chelsea Yurkovich, Counselor  in Mckinney
Child Parent Relationship Training Class
Host: Chelsea Yurkovich, MS, LPC-I
"Are you a parent? Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, or exhausted? Is your child not meeting your expectations? Ready for change? Then this group is for you! The focus is on helping you learn the skills needed to build ..."
(972) 200-1415
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75069
Jackie Burson, Counselor  in Allen
Teenage Connection Groups Ages 15-17
Host: Jackie Burson, MS, LPC-S, NCC, RPT-S
"Group for teens to learn and practice social skills, self-esteem/self-worth, appropriate communication and a safe place to explore emotions. We offer a support for one another by empathetic understanding and a non judgmental environment to feel connected. Starts April 8, ..."
(972) 984-2071
Group meets in:
Allen, Texas 75002
Brandy Schumann, Counselor  in Mckinney
Parent Child Relationship Training
Host: Brandy Schumann, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC
"Are you a parent? Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, or exhausted? Is your child not meeting your expectations? Ready for change? Then this group is for you! The focus is on helping you learn the skills needed to build ..."
(972) 886-8375
Group meets in:
Mckinney, Texas 75069
Family Tree Counseling, Treatment Facility  in Plano
Social Skills for Young Adults
Host: Family Tree Counseling
"Family Tree Counseling offers social skills groups for ages 17-25 who experience difficulties with communication and social interaction. Improve communication, learn more effective ways of handling stress and conflict, learn better problem-solving and decision-making skills, explore self-image, and learn the ..."
(469) 507-3193
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75093
Amber Williams, Counselor  in Plano
Host: Amber Williams, MEd, LPC
"This 6 to 8 week, gender specific group offers a psychoeducational approach to exploring topics effecting today's teens. Topics include: self esteem, talent development, conflict resolution, healthy friendships/relationships , charactersitics of successful men and women, body image, respect, assertive communication, ..."
(214) 699-6252
Group meets in:
Plano, Texas 75023
Vanessa M Sanford, Counselor  in Frisco
Show Up! Be Seen! Live Brave! Women's Retreat
Host: Vanessa M Sanford, MS, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC, CDWF-Ca
"This 3 Day Retreat for Women is May 14th -16th from 9am to 2pm each day. This Unique 3 Day Retreat will incorporate Brene' Brown's The Daring Way (tm) program through partnership activities with horses. No previous horse experience required. ..."
(214) 444-5049
Group meets in:
Frisco, Texas 75034
Jackie Burson, Counselor  in Allen
Social Skills and Self-Esteem ages 5-8, 9-11,12-14
Host: Jackie Burson, MS, LPC-S, NCC, RPT-S
"This group will focus on building self-esteem, social skills, role-playing conversations with others and interacting appropriately with our peers. Groups are meet on Saturday afternoons. Groups last for 8 weeks and cose $30 per session. "
(972) 984-2071
Group meets in:
Allen, Texas 75002
Donna W Alexander, Counselor  in Allen
Women's addiction group
Host: Donna W Alexander, MA, LPC, LMFT
"A weekly group for women struggling with addiction concerns. Though the group is run at Dayrise Recovery Center in Allen, women not in the Dayrise Outpatient program are eligible to attend upon meeting with staff to determine fit and compatibility ..."
(972) 382-6898 x2
Group meets in:
Allen, Texas 75013

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Therapy Group: 1 to 1

Self-Harming (Cutting, Trichotillomania, Hair Pulling) Therapy Groups
Self-harm (SH) or deliberate self-harm (DSH) is the deliberate infliction of damage to your own body. It includes cutting, burning, scratching, banging or hitting yourself, interfering with wound healing, hair-pulling (trichotillomania) and the ingestion of toxic substances or objects. While self injury (SI) can look like suicide, it's not; most people who mutilate themselves do it as a way to regulate mood. People who hurt themselves in this way may be motivated by a need to distract themselves from inner turmoil, or to quickly release anxiety that builds due to an inability to express intense emotions.

If you're looking for help with self-harming in Collin County or for someone who self harms, or cuts themselves, or bangs or hits themselves, these Collin County Therapy Groups provide counseling for self harming in Collin County. They include Therapy Groups, who understand self harming in Collin County, psychologists and counselors. They can provide self harming counseling in Collin County or treatment for self harming, treatment for trichotillomiania in Collin County or hair pulling in Collin County. pulling hair out, Collin County trichotillomania, skin picking and dematillomania.

If you're looking for help with trichotillomania in Collin County or for a Collin County trichotillomania Therapy Group these professionals provide therapy for trichotillomania.

Collin County Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Collin County counseling groups, Collin County support groups, Collin County mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Collin County support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Collin County to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.