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Chronic Pain Therapy Groups in Omaha

Omaha Integrative Care, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
Mind/Body Medicine for Stress Reduction Group
Host: Omaha Integrative Care
"This comprehensive 8-week workshop teaches self-care to help improve quality of life and manage the frustrating symptoms of daily stress or stress-related illnesses. Participants learn to reduce stress and build resilience through a variety of mind/body practices. Topics include mindfulness, ..."
Chronic Pain
(402) 238-1770
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
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Carter Counseling Center, Counselor  in Omaha
Carter Counseling Center
Host: Carter Counseling Center
"Carter Counseling Center provides comprehensive counseling services for individuals, couples and families. "
(402) 835-4362
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68124
D. Ryan McCann, Counselor  in Omaha
Stress Management Group
Host: D. Ryan McCann, MS, PLMHP
"Our Focus Stress Management Group, which consists of 10 weeks of group sessions, will provide strategies for managing work related stress in your personal and business life. We divide the sessions into 5-week segments beginning with a mental health perspective ..."
(402) 495-0769 x5
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Lisa Sorensen, Counselor  in Omaha
Healing Tree Counseling
Host: Lisa Sorensen, MS, LMHP
"Healing Tree Counseling is committed to helping individuals in a supportive, comfortable and confidential environment. We take the confidentiality of our clients very serious and work hard at making sure every client has a trusting relationship with the staff. Healing ..."
(402) 337-6035
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Dinneen Counseling Services, Drug & Alcohol Counselor  in Omaha
Outpatient Substance Abuse Groups Level I
Host: Dinneen Counseling Services
"Court-ordered or voluntary Outpatient Substance Abuse Issues and Relapse Prevention. SA groups are open to new clients. Therapist leads the group composed of 8 to 10 members. Topics include: Abuse/Dependence, Triggers to use,Coping Skills, Co-Dependency/Family Dynamics. Group sessions allows time ..."
(402) 509-8570
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68124
Lindsay Kruse, Counselor  in Omaha
Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills
Host: Lindsay Kruse, MS, LIMHP, CPC, NCC
"DBT is a skills class designed to teach participants how to effectively change how they think, act, and feel in order to build the life they want to live. The focus of the class is to learn concepts of mindfulness ..."
(402) 235-1083
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
The Wellness Connection, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
Retreats - Ongoing, Group. Person
Host: The Wellness Connection
"We provide ongoing retreats- group or personal, for many types of unwanted illness, pain, stress, situations- any type of self-harming, as we learn with Conscious Living Principles- that we create our own results in life by how we use our ..."
(402) 875-5511
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68112
Melissa Ibanez, Counselor  in Omaha
Neurotherapy Stress Management Mini Group
Host: Melissa Ibanez, MA, CPC, LIMHP
"Experience neurofeedback training for stress management. With current technological advances we are now able to transform physiological signals from the brain into visual, audio and tactile feedback to help you reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and optimize brain function. Stress can ..."
(402) 517-5773
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68106
Gregory Tvrdik, Counselor  in Omaha
Anger Management
Host: Gregory Tvrdik, MS, LIMHP, CPC
"Men's Anger Management group helping men process through different life issues where they see their anger getting away from them. "
(402) 318-7002
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Katie Jensen, Counselor  in Omaha
DBT mens group
Host: Katie Jensen, lmhp
"An education group focused on teaching about how chronic invalidation can lead to problems in coping. We teach emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and core mindfulness skills with a focus on practicing a non judgmental stance. "
(402) 218-1063
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68127
Scarlett K Shockley, Counselor  in Omaha
Dialectal Behavioral Therapy
Host: Scarlett K Shockley, RN-C, LIMHP, LPC
"Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. This group is facilitated like a class, with minimal sharing of 'issues'. Clients must be seen by a DBT trained therapist in addition to being in group. The client's individual therapist helps them apply the skills to ..."
(402) 606-2568
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Gail A Olson, Counselor  in Omaha
Men's Group: Tools for Living
Host: Gail A Olson, PhD, LIMHP, LADC, LPCC, NCC
"Tools for Living Topics: Wild At Heart: Living as Intended Building the Lifestyle You Want Remodeling: More Effective Behaviors Maintaining Health Household Leadership, Power and Progress Relationship Tools "
(402) 318-3031
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68144
The Wellness Connection, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
PTSD/TBI/Chronic Stress Support
Host: The Wellness Connection
"For those wanting to learn methods for successful and easy relief from PTSD, Trauma and Chronic Stress- everyone welcome! Take the Wisdom Path- where modern science merges... with Ageless Wisdom. Your guide along the internationally acclaimed Wisdom Path is Lyndyn ..."
(402) 875-5511
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68112
Wenesday night addiction group
Host: A Better Way Therapy
"We run a group for those who have had or have problems with alcohol or drugs. People come voluntarily or by recommendation of the court. We use the 12 step philosophy. "
(402) 327-1444
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68116
Omaha Integrative Care, Treatment Facility  in Omaha
The Mindful Path: Infertility Support Group
Host: Omaha Integrative Care
"The Mindful Path is a confidential space to help you get what you want-to do everything you can to prepare your body, mind and spirit for a healthy pregnancy. Sessions combine teaching, skills training and sharing with other women experiencing ..."
(402) 238-1770
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
Daniel A Pont, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Omaha
AJ Counseling
Host: Daniel A Pont, LMFT, LMHP
(402) 835-0962
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Pamela A Bass, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Omaha
Communication 101 w/Ray Ramano
Host: Pamela A Bass, MSW, LCSW, LMHP
"Come to "Communication 101 with Ray Ramano". Using clips from "Everyone Loves Raymond", we will teach you how to be better listeners and speakers! Monday evening, November 1st: We offer opportunities for you to practice before leaving this class! Check ..."
(402) 519-4249
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68124
Anita Akers, Counselor  in Omaha
Smoking Cessation
Host: Anita Akers, LIMHP
"Trying to quit smoking. I can assist with this 10 week course. "
(402) 507-4865
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68137
Crystal and Associates, Counselor  in Omaha
O for the Soul
Host: Crystal and Associates
"There is a common soul-slayer surfacing from the secret cavern in the heart of women; shame. If shame has been hiding in the heart, during the course of a woman's life-cycle it has been taking its toll. It has been ..."
(402) 603-4492
Group meets in:
Omaha, Nebraska 68114

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Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia) Therapy Groups
If you're looking for help with chronic pain in Omaha or for an Omaha chronic pain Therapy Group, these professionals provide chronic pain treatment, chronic pain management and chronic back pain treatment. They include chronic pain Therapy Groups in Omaha, chronic pain psychologosists, chronic pain anorexia and chronic pain counselors. A Therapy Group can help with chronic back pain in Omaha, chronic neck pain, chronic pain syndrome, pain management and pain relief. They are skilled at helping with fibromyalgia. Therapy Groups use various Group Therapy techniques to help relieve pain in Omaha.

Omaha Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Omaha counseling groups, Omaha support groups, Omaha mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Omaha support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Omaha to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.