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Personality Disorders Therapy Groups in Nashville
Paranoid, Narcissistic

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James Trone,   in Nashville
Emotionally Focused Therapy Group (Mixed)
Host: James Trone, MA, CSAT-II, MA
"I co-facilitate a mixed groups for both men and women that are process groups using our emotions as the language to communicate in order to connect deeper in our relationships with others and with ourself. The primary goal is to ..."
(615) 239-1130
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Lindsay E Vaughn, Psychologist  in Nashville
Interpersonal Process Group
Host: Lindsay E Vaughn, PsyD
"The Interpersonal Process Group is based on the work of Irvin Yalom, and the focus is primarily on the here-and-now experience. Group members can gain support and connection, can improve their capacity for intimacy or boundary-setting, can learn how they ..."
(615) 598-4260
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Merrill Farnsworth, Counselor  in Nashville
The Writing Circle (sign up for spring sessions)
Host: Merrill Farnsworth, LPC, MHSP
"I have multiple Writing Circles for writers at various levels of experience. The main focus The Writing Circle is to dive deeper into "authentic voice" - the voice that includes all the aspects of the true self (the genuine "you") ..."
(615) 285-9913
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Stephanie Hathcock Vaughn,   in Nashville
DBT Skills Group (Parents & Adolescents)
Host: Stephanie Hathcock Vaughn, PsyD
"Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group. One or both caregivers of the adolescent must attend. Caregivers may also attend alone. "
(615) 745-1019
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Gayden McFarlin Fite, Counselor  in Nashville
GLBTQ Relationship Group
Host: Gayden McFarlin Fite, MEd, LPC, MHSP, LICDC, TTS
"This group is for GLBTQ couples who want to establish a warmer, healthier relationship. This group works on current relationship problems including trust, respect, fidelity, intimacy, division of labor and parenting. The group is open, meaning that as some couples ..."
(615) 576-0972
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37206
Johnathan A Johnson, Counselor  in Nashville
Parenting Disruptive Teens
Host: Johnathan A Johnson, MS, LPC, MHSP
"New Directions Counseling & Consulting is looking for 6-12 families who are struggling with defiant teen behaviors to participate in 12 weeks of group therapy. This group is focused on helping parents who are struggling with their teen's defiant behaviors ..."
(615) 442-7022
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
B. Dodge Rea, Psychologist  in Nashville
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Host: B. Dodge Rea, PsyD
"On the far end of the spectrum from forceful, brutal examples of masculinity lies the Nice Guy. While less overtly harmful than his counterpart, he is equally out of balance - and equally unsuccessful creating and keeping true intimacy. He ..."
(423) 273-5020
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Bloom! Life Coaching,   in Nashville
Nashville ADHD Adults
Host: Bloom! Life Coaching
"Social/support gatherings for adults with ADHD & parents of ADHDers. Meets in various locations for fun, laughs, tips & conversation on ADHD topics. This is a private Facebook Group requiring you accept the Facebook Group Invitation. "
(615) 763-4976
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
Chara Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Nashville
Always Love
Host: Chara Counseling
"FREE Group for couples who are desiring to work on & implement healthy communication, conflict resolution, boundaries and the 5 Love Languages. October 28-December 9 (NO GROUP NOVEMBER 25) "
(615) 651-6557
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Harrison H Taylor, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Nashville
Experiential-psychodrama therapy group
Host: Harrison H Taylor, LCSW
"Experiential-Psychodrama Therapy Group is co-ed for those adults who need emotional and spiritual recovery from the effects of any kind of addiction, codependency, perfectionism, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, unresolved shame. A experiential-psychodrama small group can help you develop new ..."
(615) 601-2586
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Eboni N Webb, Psychologist  in Nashville
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group
Host: Eboni N Webb, PsyD, HSP
"In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), clients are validated for doing the best they can with the skills they currently possess. DBT drawing on mindfulness practices, teaches effective life skills to help develop balance and increase mastery over one's feelings. "
(615) 745-1066
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Andrea Pizzano, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern  in Nashville
Support Group for Adults with Adhd
Host: Andrea Pizzano, MMFT
(615) 209-9195
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37216
Marilyn McCabe, Psychologist  in Nashville
Host: Marilyn McCabe, PhD
"A group open to clients with a variety of relational and interpersonal problems and concerns. Group will be open-ended, limited to 7-10 individuals, and cost will be $50 per session. Group will begin when we have minimum number of participants. "
(615) 239-1036
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
Katie Casey  in Nashville
Grieving Through the Holidays
Host: Katie Casey, MA
"Is the prospect of facing the holidays without your loved one causing you anxiety, dread, or depression... no the excitement, joy, and anticipation of the past? If so, this group could be a good fit for you. It will be ..."
(615) 239-0263
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Tammy Lee Beeman, Counselor  in Nashville
How to Worry Well
Host: Tammy Lee Beeman, PsyD
"This idea might be counterintuitive. For many of us, worry is what keeps us up night after night going over the same troubling ideas and images. For some, worry is a constant bully. This 8-week group explores the most current ..."
(615) 239-0022
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
New Directions Counseling & Consulting, Treatment Facility  in Nashville
Young Gay Men's Relationships
Host: New Directions Counseling & Consulting
"This group focuses on establishing communication skills healthy boundaries exploring personal values dating strategies positive and healthy intimate bonding for young men 18-25+/-. You can learn more at: "
(615) 601-0580
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
The Evelyn Frye Center, Psychologist  in Nashville
"How to get out of my own way."
Host: The Evelyn Frye Center
"Cost for this group is $125 per month. Please call our office to check available space for new members to this group. "
(615) 669-0967
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Jenny Harmon  in Nashville
Changing Times, Solid Minds
Host: Jenny Harmon, MA
"This is a group for girls ages 11-13, struggling with the physical, emotional and social demands of pre-adolescence. This group focuses on several important topics related to a young person's life: Self-Esteem, Self-Discovery, Anger Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, and ..."
(615) 209-9232
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
New Directions Counseling & Consulting, Treatment Facility  in Nashville
Women's Healthy Relationships
Host: New Directions Counseling & Consulting
"Sessions will center on: Building healthy relationships with others Learning healthy boundaries in relationships Exploring unhealthy relationship patterns Learning healthy sexual expression Growing in personal communication skills Discovering one's own strengths Receiving support in creating life changes "
(615) 601-0580
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
Philip Chanin, Psychologist  in Nashville
Adult Children of Narcissistic Families
Host: Philip Chanin, EdD, ABPP, CGP
"In the narcissistic family, the needs of the parent take precedence over the needs of the daughter. As a result, this child becomes a woman with such personality traits as a lack of self-confidence, a chronic need to please, difficulty ..."
(615) 656-7188
Group meets in:
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

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Personality Disorders (Paranoid, Narcissistic) Therapy Groups
If you're looking for help with personality disorders in Nashville or for a Nashville personality disorder Therapy Group these professionals provide therapy for personality disorders. They include personality disorder Therapy Groups, personality disorder psychologists, personality disorder psychotherapists and personality disorder counselors. They can help with character disorders, paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, borderline, antisocial, histrionic and Nashville narcissistic personality disorders.

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