Claire Andrus

Counselor , MA , LPC , NCC

(616) 920-0859


Do you find that you are irritated with other people's behavior because you feel your life is limited or impacted because of what they do? Do you have the feeling that you have no power or direction and feel like the ball in a pinball machine, bouncing here and there? It's possible you may be codependent. I know we all HATE that word. But wouldn't you like it fixed? Join us and find some real solutions to what's keeping you stuck. Call or email for the next session date. Everyone is welcome!

Group Details

Issues: Anger Management, Anxiety, Coping Skills
Gender Issues: Women's
Age: Adults

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ReGenesis Counseling, LLC
3501 Lake Eastbrook Blvd.
Suite 262
Grand RapidsMichigan 49546

Group Meets

Every other Tuesday
5pm - 6:15pm

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