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Therapy Groups in Nassau County

D. Lani McElgun, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Garden City
Anger Management Workshop
Host: D. Lani McElgun, MA, LMFT
"Ongoing 7-week group workshop offered for adults; court-mandates welcomed. Certificate of completion available. Additional sessions available. For adolescent groups, please call for more information. Sessions include topics such as unhealthy/healthy behaviors, stress coping skills, relaxation techniques, distorted thinking patterns, irrational ..."
(516) 513-8354
Group meets in:
Garden City, New York 11530
Serenity Zone, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Long Beach
Stress Management
Host: Serenity Zone
"This group teaches you how to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety & stress; change your negative self-talk & break the worry-cycle; discover & put to use your best coping strategies; boundary setting & reducing stress in your relationships; time ..."
(516) 686-9881
Group meets in:
Long Beach, New York 11561
Melinda Blitzer, Psychologist  in Sea Cliff
Adolescent Growth Group
Host: Melinda Blitzer, PhD
"One of the most powerful ways to develop psychologically is in a professionally led group for teenagers. Here they can learn to observe their strengths and weaknesses, and discover alternative ways to overcome their hurdles. Finding one's voice in group ..."
(516) 360-2613
Group meets in:
Sea Cliff, New York 11579
Linda Rose, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Williston Park
Self Esteem Workshop
Host: Linda Rose, LCSW
"Four week cognitive behavioral workshop designed to help attendees look at their thinking. Learn 15 strategies and techniques to challenge this thinking thereby changing how you feel about yourself. Once you change the thoughts, you will change your feelings and ..."
(516) 240-5834
Group meets in:
Williston Park, New York 11596
Jennifer L Kolton, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Plainview
Breast Cancer Support- North Shore, Long Island
Host: Jennifer L Kolton, LCSW
"Free weekly breast cancer support group on Long Island. You may be in active treatment or up to three years post treatment to attend group. Topics will include: treatment side effects, depression/anxiety, sexuality, intimacy, body image, nutrition, fertility/egg harvesting, dating/relationship ..."
(516) 308-9567
Group meets in:
Plainview, New York 11803
Social Skills Training Group
Host: Anu Raj, PsyD
"This group is geared towards 7-8 year old children. Group sessions will address frustration tolerance, inflexibility, turn taking skills, social percpetion skills and conversation skills. "
(917) 791-3119
Group meets in:
Plainview, New York 11803
Randi M Waxman, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Merrick
Adolescent Girls Support Group
Host: Randi M Waxman, LCSW-R
"This is a support group for adolescent girls. It is a safe comfortable place they can come to discuss their concerns about family/school/work life as well as friendship/relationship issues. "
(516) 234-5973
Group meets in:
Merrick, New York 11566
Serenity Zone, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Long Beach
Fatherhood...a group for MEN
Host: Serenity Zone
"GROUP STARTS DEC 6TH!! Parenthood can be quite stressful. Dad's have stressors, and their pressures can be intense and overwhelming. This group links up fathers to share concerns and frustrations, to find ideas for being a better dad in your ..."
(516) 686-9881
Group meets in:
Long Beach, New York 11561
Pearl Ketover Prilik, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Lido Beach
Parenting Without Pain
Host: Pearl Ketover Prilik, DSW
"Small group addressing concerns of parenting of school age - older adolescent children. "
(516) 619-8203
Group meets in:
Lido Beach, New York 11561
Peter S LaMantia, Counselor  in Garden City
Interpersonal Therapy Group
Host: Peter S LaMantia, LMHC, NCC
"A well established group for those working on confidence, self-esteem, identity, shyness, anxiety, depression and relationships. "
(516) 459-9267
Group meets in:
Garden City, New York 11530
Parenting Group
Host: Leslie J. Larson, MS, Ed., PD, SAS, SDA, LUTCF
"Friendly and informative group sessions for parents of babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children. As the facilitator, Leslie provides support and guidance, so parents can learn and interact from each other. Although Leslie is knowledgeable about parenting, she provides ..."
(516) 717-4032
Group meets in:
East Meadow, New York 11554
Catherine A Bottari, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Garden City
Womans Infertility/Early Pregnacy Loss Group
Host: Catherine A Bottari, LCSW
"Are you struggling with infertility issues and/or early pregnancy loss? Well, you are not alone and do not need to go through this by yourself. Join other woman who understand how difficult this experience is. For more information please conatct ..."
(516) 513-8329
Group meets in:
Garden City, New York 11530
Cindy L. Grant, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Long Beach
People Who Have Trouble Saying No
Host: Cindy L. Grant, LCSW, ATR
"A group dedicated to helping clients to first, clarify their own sense of self and entitlement; and to then learn how to ask for what they want, and to say "no" to what they don't want within the context of ..."
(516) 272-4672
Group meets in:
Long Beach, New York 11561
Robin Tovell-Toubal, Counselor  in Plainview
Family Group
Host: Robin Tovell-Toubal, MEd, LMHC, CRC
"Family Group is designed to provde support to those who care for a family member with a brain injury. This group is open to family members who have become members of the Common Ground Alliance. "
(516) 714-5998
Group meets in:
Plainview, New York 11803
Risa F Ross, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Plainview
Parenting and Your Adolescents
Host: Risa F Ross, LCSW
"Groups will cover issues such as out of control behaviors; lack of motivation; negative and positive peer group influences and coming to grips with the media and your adolescent. An underlying and essential theme of the group will be effective ..."
(516) 628-7136
Group meets in:
Plainview, New York 11803
New York Centre for Marriage and Family Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapist  in Rockville Centre
Anger Management
Host: New York Centre for Marriage and Family Therapy
"ANGER MANAGEMENT: I have an extensive professional backround in working with individuals, and the Courts, both locally and nationwide, in assisting with favorable outcomes for my clients through the anger management program.Our innovative Anger Management Nationally Court Certification Program is based ..."
(516) 279-2422
Group meets in:
Rockville Centre, New York 11570
Susan Jungman, Counselor  in Garden City
Open Eating Disorder Support Group
Host: Susan Jungman, LMHC, MHA
"This is a FREE open support group for those struggling with an eating disorder as well as for their family, friends and/or loved ones. Seating is limited; registration required. Email to attend. "
(516) 209-4733
Group meets in:
Garden City, New York 11530
Nira S Nafisi, Psychologist  in Great Neck
"This group is designed to help parents of individuals suffering with any kind of mental illness or emotion dysregulation. The groups are exclusively for parents and stress the learning of skills, in addition to receiving support. Parents have reported finding ..."
(516) 693-8156
Group meets in:
Great Neck, New York 11021
Michelle L Haviken, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Hewlett
Family Therapy Group
Host: Michelle L Haviken, LCSW-R, CASAC
"The group purpose is to support families dealing in conflict with their adolescent children. "
(917) 267-2900
Group meets in:
Hewlett, New York 11557
TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio, Clinical Social Work/Therapist  in Jericho
call to learn about our groups
Host: TLC Counseling and Wellness Studio
(516) 272-4657
Group meets in:
Jericho, New York 11753
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Nassau County Support Groups and Group Therapy
Group therapy takes many forms. The groups are variously referred to (often interchangeably) as Nassau County counseling groups, Nassau County support groups, Nassau County mutual support groups or peer support groups, self help groups, stress coping groups, workshops and mental health groups. They are moderated by a professional group counselor, group therapist or group psychologist and generally focus on a specific issue or client profile (e.g. men or women etc).

Before joining a Nassau County support group, first see if the issue focus is consistent with your needs. If there are no groups offering support around your issue, feel free to contact these professionals in Nassau County to ask for a referral to alternative groups nearby.
What to expect in a Nassau County group?
In a professionally operated support group in Nassau County, members provide each other with various types of help for a particular shared issue. The help takes the form of relating personal experiences and listening to and accepting others' experiences. Nassau County group members may also provide a sympathetic understanding and a social network.

Group Therapists or group counselors lead or facilitate the group and provide group counseling in Nassau County. They are sometimes specifically trained in group dynamics and the understanding of small group processes. So 'interpersonal learning', which can involve unfiltered feedback and confrontation between group members (and can be threatening) is safely moderated by the group therapist or group counselor in Nassau County.

What's the difference between individual and group therapy?